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TFA Phasma Thigh CRL words vs Images....

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Morning from a dreary Sydney members of the FISD, i am one of the GML team and our TFA Phasma has finally been finished and she has applied for approval so is with us to judge!


running through the CRL we hit a snag with the CRL and words that don't necessarily match the words; namely the thigh pieces....




the CRL words say:

  • -Thighs are reflective metallic silver in color
  • -There are seams on the inside and outside of each thigh.
  • -A clip greeblie is present high and across the outside seams of each thigh.
  • -The right thigh (when worn) includes a base for a weapon holster. Holster does not need to be functional. 


and the image looks like this:




So the problem we hit is that seam


the words just say there are seams, but the image shows its curved. All of the on screen shots and used costume photos seem to show the seam is straight....


Wondering if we could get the CRL updated to either say its curved or change the thigh image so that is not curved and this confusion is avoided?


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FYI, found a photo from Jimmi kit TFA EIB app from back in 2017. It does has curvature to it just not very much. Double check you applicants armor, it should be the same.



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Too me, the CRL thighs look to be rotated inwards at the front. There is an uneven amount of rear thigh than front thigh, that may be giving an optical illusion of a large curve in the seam.

Whereas the other image supplied of the FOTK thigh is more equal showing less of a curve.

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Phasma costume which was on display


57831109e90f6742b71672264f05d7e0.jpg  Captain-Phasma1.jpg


From TLJ

Image result for phasma screen images side xFVPnoh.png

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Hi Andy, good to hear from you brother, hope things are well in sunny Sydney.

We have had a discussion regarding not only this but other items in some of our CRLs, and as this is the way Jimmi actually has made the armour I think its safe to say at basic it shouldnt be a problem.

I'm going to use an example that might get your OCD tingling as a GML but here we go :P

AP armour has duplicate forearms, when it comes to the dimples on the back of the forearms on the actual screen used costumes, one has 11 the other 12 where AP both have 11. This is something we dont question from basic right through to Centurion, so i think the small difference in curvature or shape on a fan sculpt can be something we can easily let go through.

Jimmi's armour is also fiber glass with a flexible resin and that stuff is very difficult to modify so we run the risk of the member doing more harm than good trying to fix the shape.

Now looking at the extra images just added on the phasma, it could be an optical illusion due to the rotation of the thigh or the curve may beslightly different so a minor reword would be easier than getting the model to suit up and have the photos re taken.

Hey hope to chat again soon my friend :salute:

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Thanks for your input Phil, Glenn and Andrew! Good to see some debate and clarifications on something should be trivial

Totally understand the different armour makers and their nuances and am glad we have some wiggle room especially like you say the symmetrical bits!

Thanks for the input gentlemen

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