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Ayen E-11 Pipe Blaster 3D Files - Downloadable STL

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Hello, I am currently learning myself Fusion 360 & 3D printing. I am choosing to model my E-11 blaster to understand how Fusion 360 works. My future plan is to have all the component modelled in 3D files and 3D print it. I am sharing the files for my fellow troopers.


My reference thread as below:


2. E-11 PVC Pipe Build Templates (Imperial and Metric)

3. TrainWrecks 3D printed E-11 and T-21 parts.



1. Power Cylinder (3D printing: Shapeways/ STL: Thingiverse)

2. Main body (in progress)

3. Front cap (3D printing: Shapeways/ STL: Thingiverse)

4. Bayonet lug (3D printing: Shapeways/ STL: Thingiverse)

5. Rear sight (3D printing: Shapeways/ STL: Thingiverse)

6. Others? Soon....



1. Accuracy: I am targeting for 70% accuracy for the shape and dimension. I am new to this 3D design/printing. Apology for any inaccuracies.

2. For ordering with Shapeways, I put in $0.00 markup. The price you pay 100% go to Shapeways for making the model. 

3. I uploaded the STL files in Thingiverse . You can download it and print with your own 3D printer.


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Progress photos:

Power cylinder : Ready



Main body: In progress



Front cap: In progress


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Front cap:


Front cap for PVC pipe with outer diameter, OD 40mm, Inner diameter ID 35mm or smaller. 

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Updated main body receiver with holes:




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Rear sight ready. Links in first post.





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Have you made the cocking bolt yet ? I picked up a 3d printed e11 but looks like I may need a part that's missing In the bags. Also my first 3d printer is on the way so ...yeah I'd I can make it why not ...also great work btw you power cylinders are by far one of the best. 

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This is coming along nicely, it’s great to see you using the E11 reference section, I know the guys put a stack of work into it.
Also think it’s great you are doing a breakdown version as opposed to a one piece design, understandably it takes longer but it will be so much worth it for anyone who prints and assembled one.
Keep the updates coming and thank you for sharing with the FISD community.

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