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TrainWrecks 3D printed E-11 and T-21 parts.

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So I recently discovered that our local library has a maker space with two 3D printers.   It's cheep and all I have to do is send them the files and they print them out.  I currently am waiting on my first order and am about to send off some more things.  I am creating this thread so I can share with you guys the process of this journey (I will also probably be cross posting this with MEPD).


So the first thing I had to do was teach myself to 3D model.  I started off with a web based program called tinkercad ( https://tinkercad.com/ ).  It is a pretty intuitive program and has a good set of tutorials to get you started.  It didn't have a whole lot of options with how you can manipulate the primitive objects though and round surfaces don't render smooth.  So after a week of that I graduated myself to 123D Design, a program owned by the same company ( http://www.123dapp.com/design ).


After watching a few youtube tutorials on it I have been rock and or rolling for a couple weeks now.


First up is the magazine receiver plate for a Lewis Machine Gun (AKA the T-21 Light Repeating Blaster).


I started off with trying to make my own out of wood and plastic but it was just not working for me.  But this is!


I based this off of PandaTrooper's Template (found here:  http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/10313-new-t-21-blaster-template/?p=130310&hl=blaster%20template&fromsearch=1#entry130310  ) and a lot of reference photos!  






Now in order for the rear sight to work I am having it broken into parts that will print individually (plus the plate is too long for the printer so I have to print it in two pieces).


This is an exploded view of the plate to give you an idea of what it entails. 




This is what I currently have submitted to be printed.


I'm planning on modeling the cooling fins and side details of the gun as well and possibly the sloped transition into the front barrel with the front sight.  A sort of pipe build kit if you will.


Now on to power cylinders for the E-11.


I dived into the Power Cylinder Research Thread (check it out if you haven't ( http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/17306-e-11-power-cylinders-research-thread-renamed-from-3-central-fuses/  ) and got enough measurements and reference photos to model them today.  I built three different ones.  Since I'm going TD I made a a Tunisian one for my Bapty conversion (Type D).  I also made an "ideal" one (type A) and an ideal one missing the bolts and wires so I can attempt to put real ones in.  I'm still messing around with the wiring in the back but this is what I have so far.








This will probably be the only thing for an E-11 I'll make (though I've been toying with the idea of doing ESB greeblies as well).


Though not storm or sandtrooper related I've also been working on a pineapple gaffi head and mask greeblies for my Tusken.






That last photo was an example of what can be done in the first program mentioned, Tinkercad.


I will probably also be attempting a radio face plate for a TD pack soon as well.


As I get parts printed I'll post pics of me working on them.


Thanks for checking this out!

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STELLAR!!!  I can't wait to see the printed results.

Although I haven't read it, there's a thread on the RPF about the Smooth-On epoxy product designed to smooth the surface of 3D printed parts...


Nice work with the 3D design - some of that software has a steep learning curve, but you seem to have tackled it, no problem.

I recently did some serious work in a "Rhino 5 3D" 90-day trial...if finances allow, I plan to purchase the whole package in a month or two.

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Rock on.  I'm going to stick with the free programs for now ;)

I also have a copy of blender on my computer but "steep learning curve" doesn't even begin to describe the little bit of drool that comes out of the side of my mouth when I stare at that program's interface.


My man Paul over on the Krayt Clan forums pointed me at this stuff:




I picked up a small bottle at a place about 30 miles from here called Reynolds Advance Materials.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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Thanks Andy.  I updated the post here and over at MEPD to reference your power cylinder research thread and Pandatrooper's T21 templates (I had ment to last night but not all things fall in place for me when posting at midnight :/ ).

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Just a quick update.  I got the first prints back but there was an error.  So I have a 6"x13"x6" space to work with.  I had multiple objects in each file trying to conserve space and print time. Well it only printed one object from each file.  So I currently have the center of the lewis plat, the rear sight with out all the pieces to put it together, and the ideal power cylinder. I have the issue corrected with the library and he said he would get on printing out the rest of the files.  I spent an evening IMing with Dark CMF about the power cylinder.  It's a little to big so I have re-sized it using measurements off of Dark's E-11 and just ordered a smaller Tunisian for myself for now.  First impressions is it worked but they are going to need a little work with the 3D print epoxy, sanding, and some exacto work. Also the really small details like the wires and nuts on the power cylinder and the small lettering on the rear sight did not come out very well.  The power cylinder details can be corrected with real nuts, bolts and wires.  Not so sure the lettering on the Lewis plate is going to end up being a good idea but I won't know until I see the back of the plate.


I'll try to get pics up later this weekend.  Until then!

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a friend of mine is 3-d printing me an E-11 and is having a hard time with some of the files, does anyone have a simple set of the files. He is telling me that the internals on the ones posted here dont work. Im not sure what that means, Im dumb to all this stuff.

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OK just a quick update.  I have all the pieces of the receiver plate.  There is going to be some definite sanding, gluing, and detail work in my future,  Hopefully it will be warm enough this weekend to work with the 3D print epoxy and see how that goes.  At the bottom are some photos of the "big"power cylinder by the new one, and some close ups of the first one to give an idea of how the raw surface looks.  I'm definitely going to need to add real bolts, nuts, and wire since none of the small details printed well.  Also the lettering on the plate didn't turn out well at all so I am scraping that part entirely. 










I call this my "power cylinder by H. R. Geiger..."














Also a quick note.  in the next picture you will see that the area in the red circle where there should be space is full of plastic.  This is because the printer can not print over thin air so it creates stands to print on.  they are very thin and are designed to be broken off or cut out.  That of course is all part of the clean up and finishing work on the print.




Speaking of which, I'll try to over document the next phase of all of this so until then!

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All right.  I have gotten my power cylinders finished.  After using an exacto knife to cut away the little extra bits I first did a layer of XTC 3D (an epoxy coating by smooth on) to give it a smooth finish.  I then added the nuts and bolts, some nylon wire covering in the back, and then used matt black auto spray paint to finish it.  Unfortunately between the XTC 3D and the paint I lost some of the sharp details and I screwed up and didn't center my nuts and bolts very well.  Over all I'm happy with the end product seeing as I have about a $1.50 invested.


After the XTC 3D layer:






Bolts, nuts, and nylon wire covering:




...and the finished PCs:






I guess I should get back to the T-21 parts soon.

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