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Suspend's AP ANH Stunt Build

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26 minutes ago, Suspend said:

Ok, so I've cleaned up my belt mess.  I trimmed the longer side to match the shorter side and did the 45 degree corners to meet the canvas belt.


Now I have another question....


I've been reading a bunch of threads on the belt.  Ukswrath seem to have the "goto" build thread which shows 15mm up from the mold line and 28mm over on the right and 59mm over on the left for the snap locations on the AB.  However, those measurements are for a 100mm (in height) ammo belt.  The AP one is closer to 90mm....which makes me think the height up should probably be closer to 20mm instead of 15mm.  Then Wook and Bud mention that for themselves, 40mm over instead of 59mm (left side) worked better for them.  I was getting pretty confused and I'm thinking of marking my own hole locations......which brings me to the age old question:


How close should the ammo belt sit to the button panel?  :-)


I've seen mention of just touching the button panel, I've seen a few mm under the button panel and I've seen touching and partly covering the bottom button.  Help...





My numbers and the illustration template are guidelines and may not apply exactly to your armor. Bottom line is once assembled you want the upper ammo belt to be at or just below the lowest Ab buttons like seen in the following reference photos.



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Thanks for the pics, guys!!!


Borrowing a page from Alay's build, I used Chicago screws for the ammo belt attachment to the canvas belt.  I kind of like the non-permanentness rather than using pop rivets.


I used 1/4 inch Chicago screws which I further trimmed off about another 1.5mm (using a dremel cutting disk) to make sure the stem wasn't too long.




The left side shows the trimmed down Chicago screws and the right side are the "full height" originals.





I marked the hole locations on the canvas belt while the ammo belt was curved around the Ab.  I noted that with the belt flat, the outer holes were about 2mm further toward the edges than with the belt curved around the ab.


Now just holding the belt in place...




Do you think this is OK?  The belt is pressed against the bottom of the main button panel.  There's a bit of a lip there.  Or should it actually sit on top of the main button panel?  The photos you guys provided make it seem like it's actually overlapping on top of the button panel.


And as a follow up question....popper snaps or line 24 snaps for the belt to AB?  I saw the original Ukswrath post used poppers.  I have both.  I tried a popper just on a scrap piece of ABS and, to me, it didn't seem it had the strength of a line 24.  Opinions?


Thanks for all the help!!  Thinking of this build, I think the belt has me the most stressed.  :-)




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