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ANH Paint colour guide

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Just a gloss white. All systems will have one. The Humbrol enamel is a little more on the yellow where a Tamiya is more of a pure white. 

For an ABS armour the slightly yellow colour works but for a acrylic capped a purer is probably going to look a bit better.


If your worried about accuracy the humbrol enamel is probably the one you want. 

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I've used Humbrol white enamel with my RWA abs armour, and its perfect.

Can't comment on how it will be against RS Props armour, but I'd be very surprised if its a problem

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This worked a treat. Anyone stumbling on this thread, this matched nicely to my RS armour.

Humbrol AA0374

I would add that, although it’s likely to work for your own armour, I tested for matching in an inconspicuous area e.g. screw/rivet on the inside of the armour before applying.

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