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Bozzy's Rubies Build

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Hi guys,


I bought a rubies (before i began lurking here) blaster from ebay and decided to model it.


The guy who had it before just painted it black and that was it.... so i started looking it Astyanax build and thought.. i'd have a go.


I've only been taking pictures half way through  .... so what have I done?


I started by splitting into halves so I could sand things down easier .. I then decided to drill out the barrel shroud holes with the helpful dremel and fit a piece a pvc pipe inside.


I drilled out the barrel front hole.


I cut out the scope rail which left a gap that I've been undecided about how to fill but as it's just going to be a stand piece using Astyanax​ guitar hangers.


I bought a jewellers loupe and cut out the lenses but they were a touch too small so cracked out the green stuff and "tried" to fashion them into the scope. I've scratched the lenses trying to sand the putty in place but i'll have to see what I can do at the end of the build.


I cut out a reticule and placed it on some card infront of the lens (i'll take a pic once the masking tape is off)




I ordered a Hasbro skin kit from doopydoo and the lovely people there threw me in a spare set of power cells for free . I found an old car charger with a spiral cord then became the power cell wires.


I couldn't find anything to fashion for a bayonet lug , I stumbled on a piece of dense foam from an iPhone screw holder than I was able to cut into a sort of shape.


I used a piece of card to create the area around the selector switch and a watch battery with a piece of card for the switch


I cut out the spaces on the front of the gun and placed some m5 hex heads to give a it more realism also adding some screw heads to various parts of the blaster


Green stuffed all the screw holes and seams (not great I might add)






Now one thing I've left is the oversized top t-track... I know it makes it less accurate but I think it gives it a certain charm .


So painting.. I used a plastic primer 2 coats and then 4 coats of black satin




That's where i'm upto at present. Waiting for the paint to harden before I mask off and paint the bolt, paint the grip gloss black and begin weathering. Also have some decals for the counter to add.

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Boo boo'd on the weathering... got a bit too carried away and then realised i'd used bronze instead of brass for the counter and scope... oops


It gives it a very "steampunk" feel but not what i was after.


I've used black paint to soften it a little and I'll get some brass paint and finish.


Final pics on the weekend..

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Looks like you are enjoying the challenge, we all learn by mistakes, hell I know I have in the past. Looking good by the way.



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And I'm done!


Just waiting for my guitar hangers to come to put it into my shelving




as you can see in the bottom of the pic above i've got a hasbro to start next then re do my clone trooper helmet.

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This is the finished blaster on guitar hangers ... love this way of displaying it.


(apologies for another post.. it wouldn't let me edit the last one)

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Really nice work on the blaster, you really went above and beyond on this one. And thanks for the shout outs! Those hooks are awesome, aren't they? :)



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