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  1. I think you guys know him as BFA or Dark Agent.. “The shed of glittering delights”
  2. Hi , Just outside Chorley .. Buckshaw village. I can craft stuff if needed but if it's readily available I'd rather go down that route to save time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Firstly don't shoot me.. i couldn't get the 38.1 BUT... i am after some parts if they are available and if they fit .. if you fine people can point me in the right direction. Looking for a inner barrel, spring cup and bolt assembly in resin to fit the 40mm pipe Any help ?
  4. So i thought i should finish my Hasbro / Doopy. So i'm calling this one done.
  5. Is it not this guy? https://www.facebook.com/SamJWoodsconceptartist/?fref=ts
  6. http://www.rspropmasters.com/shop/ TM or Troopermaster you can search for on facebook
  7. Some new parts got delivered courtesy of the Legend that is Truimphmark , can't wait to get stuck into these but it may after wait a little while after the birth of my daughter.
  8. Will the resin kit fit a Doopydoos resin blaster?
  9. Got some slightly better pics
  10. Nearly done.. The British rain has tried all it can to stop me from finishing this build but i'm nearly there. Sill no happy with a couple of things... like the bolt .. i ended up hand paining he silver and its gonna need a few more coats. Well i thought i was finished until i saw Truimphmark's mag stopper and end cap for the standard doopy mag so i need a set to finish it off. I have one of Gazmosis's mags but i'm gonna save that for the full resin build. Sorry pics aren't great... just in a rush as getting final things ready for he arrival of my first child. Will try to get some clearer ones up.
  11. Bozzy

    T K's DD Build

    On my hasbro i used a dremel and a 932 cylinder sanding stone (as it fitted perfectly in the screw slot) and just ground it away.
  12. Another little update I've reworked the front sight , I cleared out some of the plastic and created a channel down the middle. I also cut down the foam t piece and nail to match. Something else I did was shaved down the resin counter where the numbers would go. I've tried constructing a counter cover to use with some decals I got for the rubies. Let me know what you think. I need to clean it up and straighten it out.
  13. Ah ha.. the only reason it's like that is to make it seen over the plastic. Guess i'll have to cut some more of the plastic away at the front and rear of the sight. If i cut my t piece down it wont be seen properly except from the side. Oh the Mrs will be happy with more dremeling lol One other thing.. I've searched but can't find anything on it.. does or has anyone made a counter numbers decal for the Hasbro kit? it'll be the final thing i need.
  14. I've also cut a t piece of foam and stuck a cut down nail through it for the front sight. I'll get a picture later of it. Just need this rain to subside so i get get the primer on it.
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