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Bryanmc's Build Thread - Complete Newbie

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Thanks. I assume you'll be documenting that when you get to the filler/paint part of your build? ;)


I'm counting on you, man! You're my Obi-Wan!


yes, and you're on the wrong side of the force young padawon  :laugh1:

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Question on piece 7B, the left forearm.


I can't tell from images I've seen, is this right part left on or should it be trimmed? I originally thought it was a glue tab but since shims are used for this part I'm no longer certain if it needs to be here or not.




Obviously don't want to cut and then find out I should have left it. Thanks!

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I saw your pics (actually have your thread printed out in a binder and don't do anything without referencing it) but still wasn't entirely clear if I understood.


So the shim will be glued to that part that I'm referencing? My confusion I guess is the need for the shim if there's apparently a glue tab, though the tab makes the L2 piece sit too low, so perhaps that's what the shim is for.


I'm hopeful that after I work through these first assembly attempts I'll start to figure things out and won't have as many idiotic questions, but I figure I might as well ask anything now and take advantage of the resources here.

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Yeah, been doing that. In this case I think without the help of yours and other build threads I'd have thought you wouldn't need a shim for the particular connection. Glad you guys are here!


And that's what were here for

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New question regarding the back pieces at this connection.




Should the edge on the top part be flush with the lower part?




Currently it sticks out a bit which doesn't allow for the main back piece to lay flush with the glue area.


Or should that overhang the main back piece when it's glued and that space be sanded/filled?

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Check out this post from Zaphod's build thread! You have to trim the edge where yoke and back plate meet on both parts to match up as well as possible. There should be a sharp corner where they meet, with the edge of the yoke facing the inside of the back plate. The top edge of the back plate should line up with the face where the two slots are.

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The edge marked red should line up with the blue one. You trim the blue edge on the yoke back and sand of the return edge on the main back plate until you can assemble the parts, so that the red line is a little bit above the blue line. After assembly you sand down the red line (top edge of the back plate), following the contour of the yoke's blue line, until the two marked lines line up perfectly.



From the side it should look like this:


Red outline marks where the back plate should be and the blue one marks where the yoke should be.


If there is still a return edge on either of the two parts where they are supposed to meet, you might not have trimmed them enough.

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Should fit together like this but close the seam in more on the top....I had to fill it in with JB plastic weld. I do recommend using that on the seams.



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