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  1. A lot of soldering of components and crimping connectors later, the main electronics are done. To have easy access to the battery, I printed a new mag. There is a small spring in the bottom, which holds the battery in place. Here you can see all the parts of the new mag: There are connectors glued in place inside the main body and the mag, which connect once the mag is fully inserted. So Glock closed with all electronics inside: Unfortunately the sound is not very loud from inside the blaster. But if it is not too loud around, you can still hear it go pew pew. For such a small blaster, I am satisfied with the result. Blaster fully assembled and operational:
  2. PCBs arrived today. I'm amazed by the stellar quality of the fabrication. First fitting test with the actual pcb: perfect. Next up: soldering and functional test.
  3. After some iterations on the pcb and the new slide and some failed prints the slide is now successfully printed. I made a lot more space inside, by making it a single piece instead of having a separate ejector and barrel end. Inside you can see the mock pcb mounted with a single screw. Fitting test of all components. Everything fits in. Finally a screenshot of the final pcb design. It is currently being manufactured and should arrive sometime next week.
  4. Yes that would be nice to know. However, I doubt that we could replicate that. With a professional workshop and access to more advanced materials and electronic components it probabily is a lot easier. I'll just use a regular 5mm square led as the indicator light. Not the most accurate solution, but at least it will glow nicely. Of course you will get to see it. Hopefully quite soon. That looks and sounds great. I'll be quite happy if my results are similar. I've also got a tiny update. The printer is currently printing the new slide: This morning, I already printed and painted the muzzle led holder: ...just to notice, that it is too large and I won't be able to assemble the blaster. So, back into blender and adapt the model: That's it for today.
  5. Back when The Force Awakens hit the cinemas I built my own SE-44C Blaster. It is still the only blaster I have that goes with my First Order Stormtrooper. A few days ago I got the idea to build electronics that fit inside the small blaster. I printed it hollow, so there is some room for electronics. However, space is very limited inside. I will reprint some parts to maximize the available space. Additionally I'll get a pcb made which will hold the main components and keep things clean an organized. Having a mess of cables inside the small space would make things even more complicated. So this is where I currently am. From left to right: Mock up of the pcb to test sizing, current Glock sled with new hollow end cap behind it, Glock receiver with microswitch for the trigger installed, electronics on a breadboard. Currently I'm finalizing the new sled to fit all the main components:
  6. Yes, but now we have the answer also here... it looked so much like an open question.
  7. I've already posted the answer somewhere around this forums... You can clearly see the attachment in a sequence right after Chewie captures Phasma. http://caps.pictures/201/5-starwars-force/full/sw-force-awakens-movie-screencaps.com-11516.jpg
  8. None of the two helmets is completely accurate. I have to agree with Dan, the supposed original looks very much like anovos and not like an actual production used helmet. The angle of the mic tip on the anovos standard line however is quite accurate, though the shape and positioning is still a little bit off. Look at this helmet for example: http://cdni.wired.co.uk/1920x1280/d_f/EP7_IA_117198.jpg
  9. Which Anovos helmet are you refering to? The standard (plastic) and premier line (fiberglass) differ quite a bit. While the standard line has the cheaper materials and looks "cheaper" than the premier, my current impression is that the standard line helmet is more accurate. The _/\_ is much more pronounced on the standard line (at least my impression). I will get some side by side pictures of the front this weekend, if no one else is faster. For now I have one side by side comparision of standard line (left), movie (center) and premier line (right). Please note that the image quality of the premier line is a bit inferior, so it looks worse than it is in the small details.
  10. I just returned from thecinema where I rewatched the movie and paid special attention to the TK variants: I haven't noted any trooper with vest and pauldron and only one with a Backpack (see the screenshot posted in this thread. But other than that there seems to be every configuration in the movie. What is fairly consistent: Most (not all) troopers wearing a vest have an F-11D with the extended stock. Most standard troopers carry the F-11D and no sidearm. Notable examples:
  11. I can't recall that there was any trooper wearing a vest armed with something smaller than an F-11D with mounted stock (like Phasma's blaster). I'll pay attention to that when I re-watch the movie tonight.
  12. Two CRLs will give rise to consistency problems and more "housekeeping". If anything changes on the base trooper, then the HWT has to be updated too. The only benefit I see is that the base trooper CRL is "cleaner". Also, you missed that the riot gear trooper carried a blaster. The trooper drops blaster and shield before drawing the tonfa from the holster.
  13. One CRL for the FO Stormtrooper sounds reasonable. Leave the weapons, vest, backpack etc. as optional accessories. Having a configuration that precisely matches a trooper from the movie could still be added as a L2 or L3 requirement later, as we have it for the sandtroopers.
  14. I'd love to have FN in front of my number. Who stops me from calling myself FN-4172? Nobody I assume. As long as FN ist not an official designation for differen 501st costumes I don't see a problem. Just my official costume designation is and will be TK-4172. When trooping in theaters since the premiere it made sense to me to answer children who ask me "What's your name" with "FN-4172" as a direct reference to Finns FN designation which is mentioned prominently in the movie. Also the box where I keep the armor has a label that says FN-4172 just because I didn't want to reuse the TK-label of my old stromtrooper (now sandtrooper) armor. As for the official designations, Clint's arguments make sense to me. A lot of extremely different costumes already share the same identifier and for everyone who wants to build a stormtrooper this should be the place to go to and not yet another forum.
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