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Hi Rene,


  Sorry to hear about your Doopydoo delay. I have heard of a few cases like yours and would recommend contacting them through their website but read their hours to contact them. There is a phone number too to call if email fails. send a postcard as well if that doesn't work.   I mailed them about a DLT-19 recently but never heard back from them. post again if you get word back from them. Hope you get your kit soon. Best of luck.


if you need to contact DoopyDoo's please email Sales@doopydoos.com between 10am - 5pm Mon - Fri.

You can also call us on 07765993672  our lines are open from 10am - 3pm, Mon - Fri.

or alternativly please write to

DoopyDoo's Ltd

261 Brereton Avenue


North Lincolnshire DN35-7RA

                         We are always here to help.      

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My friend bought the hasbro conversion kit from them a few weeks ago for his 7 yr old for Xmas (he has a few other things planned to go with it) and no delivery, no reply to emails and the number doesn't work anymore. He's annoyed because it's for his only child. Anyone had any success and if so how?

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It's quite a shame how their customer service works.  They have a great product, but simply do not like to communicate.  After waiting for almost 2 months with no responses to my emails, I finally had to end up getting in touch with Paypal.  That seemed to do the trick, as I mysteriously got an email the next day from Doopydoos, and my kit very shortly thereafter.  All I can say is that you will get their product, but like many things in the world of a TK, it's a matter of "hurry up and wait".

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I've gotten a 2014 conversion kit and a 2015 full resin kit, both without incident or notably long wait. I think it depends solely on their supply vs demand (they must get like 1000 emails a day) since wait times seem to fluctuate monthly. Try to be patient with folks in this hobby, but I fully understand your concern after months go by :)

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I have to be honest, after posting the message above, my friend got an email at 6.30 this morning saying his goods had been despatched. I only recommended doopy doos because I've bought stuff from them in the past and the experience had been good. <br><br>

Read it as you will from this and the other message.ive never had a problem before, nor have others but my friend did. I'm sure it was a slip up

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Very small margins on their products make them the cheapest available, so they have a usual high demand...but that means their customer service sucks. It shouldn't be like that but it is.


Also they don't ship on payment every time...sometimes, and this is a big no-no in this special interest/hobby, they wait to get enough money to buy more resin then cast and then ship.


You shouldn't sell something you don't have, but they do it. I got many products from them over the years and they have always arrived, but sometimes it has taken a concernedly long time.


They're very cheap for what they are....so if we want to deal with them, we have to suck it up.


In business....you can have any 2 of the 3 but very rare will you get all 3.


1. Quality

2. Service

3. Price


Doopydoos is a 1 and 3


Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster - Replica Movie Prop - Limited Run


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