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ANH Stunt ATA re-Build Part 2


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Continuing on, part 2....


Part 1 http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29683-anh-stunt-ata-re-build-part-1/


5. Calves - As you can see the rear connecting joints were cut incorrectly and had incorrect sized cover strips improperly installed. The sniper plate was riveted instead of glued. The front cover strips either too long or too short exposing a gap between sections.




Cautiously I removed the rivets and super glued sniper plate.




After correctly the joints, sanding and prepping, the calves were reassembled. Cover strips were glued in place.




I know it’s customary and acceptable to use “for sale†sign plastic for the inner cover strips however, since I was going through all this work I decided to order extra strip sheets from Terrell (ATA).




Correct calf shape using hot water and tie straps.




Prepped the water and bucket




Prepped the right calf with tie straps




Right side after hot water bath




Left side




After hot water bath




Assemble connecting calf half strap & hooks from my "Rear calf closure clips" tutorial. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29132-diy-rear-calf-closure-clips-aka-%E2%80%9Cbra-clips%E2%80%9D/




or... most common, sew in hook and elastic material method




Glue into calves





Drill strap hook holes. Gel fill left post build sniper plate holes. Reshape and reattach sniper plate. Polish exterior. Finished




6. Thighs (right & left) & concerns (not all pics shown) - Ammo belt shaped and installed incorrectly. Cover strips were too wide, too long or too short. Both thighs were completely disassembled and reassembled. Reshape, fill in holes in ammo belt and correctly connect to thigh.






I elected not to glue the elastic thigh support (due to I lost the ability to attach the torso sections keeping those screen accurate). Instead I assembled and installed a very easy to use double snap mount system, using 3†wide black elastic, thin plastic and 4 snaps. I then assembled and installed a thigh support belt. 




Assembly thigh straps









Connect to calves




Assemble connect the other side of the elastic straps to garter belt




Once all thigh corrections were completed, the exterior was polished.




7. Bells, biceps and forearms – (Bells) Shaped incorrectly, incorrect or damaged strapping installed. (not all pics shown)




Bells - Remove previous strapping method, sand and paint.




Assemble and install bell to shoulder and bicep straps.  




Glue shoulder straps




Glue bicep straps




Biceps - (Biceps) Shaped incorrectly, jagged edges, incorrect size/length or damaged cover strips installed. Disassemble and reassemble installing new cover strips. Reshape out of round bicep in using hot water and tie straps. Trim edges. Replace cover strips. 





Reshape out of round biceps with hot water and tie strap (strap not shown)











Reshape and trim biceps of sharp uneven return edge. Thanks for the tip Adam T.


Assemble and glue bicep to bell strap hooks




Note: Using gloves to avoid possible burns. Using heat gun apply heat at plastic near edge of clipboard. When plastic is soft, bend around edge.




Measure to ensure both hooks are mounted evenly.




Hook for other side




Glue in place 




After dried install in bell and check strap fit. Clean and polish exterior surface. 




8. Belt assembly – Holster positioned incorrectly, ammo belt trimmed incorrectly and had wear damaged, drop boxes had no rear covers and were connected and located on the canvas belt incorrectly. Unfortunately the canvas belt was too damaged to reuse. Having screws run through it, gun holster and other items secured in the wrong positions it would have been more trouble to repair then replace.

Correctly trim sand, polish and install ammo belt. Trim and attach holster using ANH Stunt specs. Correctly assemble, polish and attach drop boxes.


NOTE: Drop boxes and holster connected with snaps being the armor will be used for Stunt and Heavy Weapons Trooper which requires the drop boxes and holster to be removed.


Assemble - Drop boxes




Assemble belt - Find center of canvas and ammo belt, temporarily bolt together.

Align and mark drop box location in relation to canvas ammo belt




Install snaps on belt for drop box and ab plate. Install drop box strap rivet.




Rivet ammo belt to canvas belt








Mark position on canvas belt for gun holster




Drill snaps in preparation for rivet install





Grind down excessive rivet prodding from snap




Install holster




Install rivet covers








9. Thermal Detonator – AHHHHH!!! End caps were badly cracked, control panel in the wrong location badly worn, belt clips were badly bent and a screw hole drilled into the tube. Basically the TD was useless. I had a spare kit so I built it to specs.  


Old - 




New - 







TD Update: Through my EIB and Centurion approvals I discovered my TD was inaccurate in a couple areas and wanted to post the revisions in the spirit of correctness. Here's what the inaccuracies were and what I had to do to remedy them. The TD clips were too small in width, weren't positioned correctly and the TD itself was a 1/2" too long. Long story short I made new clips, shortened the tube and re-positioned the face plate.




10. E-11 – Hasbro with partial Droopy Do kit other electronics (not shown). I have a Hyperfirm so I will NOT be using the Hasbro. For sale if anybody wants it. PM me for pics


That’s about it. What should have taken me a couple weeks has been a couple months, and my budget is all but non-existent. On a positive note I have a nice set of armor I like and mountain of knowledge when it comes to repairing ABS. May the information I’ve provided help you in your purchasing choices, a build or a build situation. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.    


EIB request - http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29712-tk-10116-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-ata/

Centurion request - http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29743-tk-10116-requesting-anh-stunt-centurion-status-ata144/


Part 1 http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29683-anh-stunt-ata-re-build-part-1/

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Many, many thanks to all.


Patience Scott  :laugh1: I want to display this more than you unfortunately I'm still waiting for my gloves/guards to arrive I ordered last month. I was half tempted to clean up my TD gloves then remembered the reason why this post exists :blink:.   

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Let's see the finished trooper! 


BTW love the "Shim it real good" post. Never thought of the acetone and scrap trim stew method :duim: . The creativity that comes out of FISD never seizes to amaze me. Great job.  

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Great work, so far! Garrison meeting on Feb. 7, Saturday, in Santa Clara, at St. Johns (bar & hamburger), go to the GGG forum and let everyone know if you are coming. Unfortunately, I will be out of town that weekend.

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Great work, so far! Garrison meeting on Feb. 7, Saturday, in Santa Clara, at St. Johns (bar & hamburger), go to the GGG forum and let everyone know if you are coming. Unfortunately, I will be out of town that weekend.


Thanks Anthony.


I'll be at the gathering, sorry you won't be. That's ok I'm sure we'll run into each other sometime soon. 

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