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Cover Strip width measurements


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I've seen a few scattered postings mentioning proper widths for the cover strips, although that's not mentioned in the CRL.  I think it was 25mm on one piece, and 15mm on another... but I can't find those references now that I'm looking for them.  What are the usual width measurements of those strips on the ANH TKs for biceps, forearms, thighs and calves?


(Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!)

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Hi Bill,


I believe these are the measurements:


forearms: 15-16 mm

biceps:     15-16 mm


Shins: 20 mm (front)

           25 mm (rear/calves)

Thighs: 20 mm (front)

             25 mm (rear)


Some people may have slightly different measurements than these. If I remember properly, these measurements were taken from the RS armor.

Contact Troopermaster, he is also another solid source for this if you want to confirm these measurements.


I did 15 mm on all the arm parts but I think the widths are flexible to some degree. For the legs I stuck with the 20 and 25 mm widths. 


Good luck! :)

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These measurements are a target to aim for, but may not be achievable for everyone.

Try to use these measurements in the front, and if you need more room in your armor use wider cover strips in the back.

I ended up with almost 30mm in the back of my thighs.

These measurements should be used as a guide not a rule. It all comes down to how your armor fits and looks on YOU.

Look through the EIB and Centurion request threads for someone around your size and with the same armor to see what it looks like, they may even have a build thread.

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The only reason a wider cover strip should be considered is if the gap between your parts requires it. If the halves come together, nothing wider than the 25mm strip on the backs should be used. Just make sure that you are consistent so your armor doesn;t look unbalanced. You don;t want 25mm strips on the thigh backs and different sizes on your calf closures. Make everything even.

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