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Blaster comperison: Bapty1.0 vs. Bapty2.0

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Hi there,

i like to start these topic in this category because the Bapty is for me the one and only real Sandtrooper blaster.

I built two different variants and i decided to make a little comperison between both of them. The comparison refers to some details out of the reference pictures i had.

The references for my 2.0 model were much more better then for the 1.0. So i think that the second bapty is near the mark of an original Sterling. And of course the 1.0 variant was my first blaster build ever;-)

The basis for the blasters was the doopydoo-kit and 2 original Hengstler counters.
For the 1.0 version i used an aluminium scope rail, for the secound the more accurate steal variant.

What do you need for the build? (sorry but i didn't know some technical terms so i had to find out the best translation)
- Dremel with a burr-/grinding attachment
- steel file
- green stuff
- socked head screws (M5 in the metric system;-) )
- pipe of plastic to fill the barrel
- acrylic (no silicon!!) sealing compound to fill the straining slot
- and some small parts such as screws, splits, colors, nerves and references.

Now the pics without further comments













I know that both blasters are not perfect...but i love them:-)

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See Mathias - *usually* we do agree. In fact, I'd say we agree so much that when we don't it seems a big deal. ;-)

It's no big deal at all. We're not enemies, we just have different opinions once in a while. You give some, you win some. That's life. :)

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