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Look what i received today, a brown box from Paul Troopermaster.


It's a rare Troopermaster Hero ESB helmet, i'am very happy cause nothing broken or scratch to the helmet when i open the box.

Here is a few pic of the helmet.

Thank you Paul for this beautiful helmet. :)






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Yep, great helmet!... maybe i'll add something like this in my collection some day.

Looks worth it.

Ächz.....still another helmet in the collection?!?....I need more money :blink::mellow:

About the bucket...a really nice helmet :duim:

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Is this bucket with bubble lenses approvable for 501st ESB, since there was the one trooper? 501st CRL only states flat lenses. I ask because I wouldnt mind having one, but want it to meet CRL

I wonder if it's not the same as Mr No Stripes. Even if we see him often in ANH, he's not approved.



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