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Imperial Citations (tickets)


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I have asked this on the main legion page and have a great result from it, but I want to ask here: does anyone have the file for the Imperial Citation, specifically this one





I would like to get them made for C2E2 next month when Tk-265 and I are going around the show floor.

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I'm working on it. :D


Apparently my garrison has one that is very specific to our garrison (submitting photo evidence, browsing our site for photos, etc.) so I'm seeing what we can and can't do with that. At worst I will make a new FISD one that can be used in any garrison... it will have to go through approval process but hopefully that won't take too long.

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Good idea Ingrid, what about a plain one that would not need to be approved? My thought is if anyone wants to have them made the file would be available & printed when needed.

It wouldn't have to have all the 501st logos and such. I just liked that it was the same look, shape and size of a real world citation book.

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Someone should create something generic and do a run on it as real notebook thingie..I bet plenty of people would be interested, I would want one too :)


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I designed that second form, and have all the Adobe InDesign files, if somebody is keen?


Would be simple enough to change the URL at the bottom of the form to your local garrison!


Drop me an email, and I'll shoot you a link to my Dropbox.





PS: As an aside, I originally organised a run of these back in 2009 - and recently found the spares! I still have around 20 books (of 100 pages each) here if anybody is interested.

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4 hours ago, Hesikaya said:

Are these available in 8.5X11 paper format?

Not that I'm aware, I only had access to the A4 sizing

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