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ATA Helmet Build

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Just a few tweaks on the interior and it's finished.




Production Steps:


01. Trim and assembly

02. Seal for resin coating

03. Apply rigid foam and resin interior

04. Smooth resin surface (sanding)

05. Prime and paint helmet interior

06. Prime & paint exterior (1st Coat)

07. Wet sand exterior paint

08. Prime & paint exterior (2nd Coat)

09. Wet sand & Clear Coat (1st Coat)

10. Wet sand & Polish Clear Coat

11. Hand painting details

12. Install trim, lens, straps, foam padding

13. Prep for shipping

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Does the ATA kit need to be painted and so forth? I thought ABS was good out of the box?


What is the foam inside for, just reinforcement? It it really required?

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The paint just give it a touch of accuracy. The screen used Stunt helmets were all painted white because they used beige HDPE. The Hero helmets were unpainted ABS.


No it isn't ... it just gives a more impressive feel, like it's an actual helmet and not a cheap plastic mask. I do most of my helmets like this.

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Helmet shipped!


I sent you a PM with all the info. Thanks for the business sir! I really hope you're happy with it.


Best Regards,


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Hi. It's a beautiful helmet. I'm going to start my first helmet build soon (an ATA stunt)... I really loved the technique you use with the layer of foam coated with dark resin to beef it up. Could you tell me what you use for foam and resin? I've used a lot of spray polyurethane in other work but the thought of getting even a drop of it on the visual side makes me sick- that and it expands a lot and seems hard to trim/sand from the interior. Any pointers to avoid a sticky great stuff waste of my time/$???

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