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  1. The lock combination on my luggage.
  2. When it comes to generalization, more or less yeah. But one big flaw with FX kits is their individual origin (~how it was obtained), most are second hands and copies of FX, trimmed and modded as tastes and fantasies went in different times and different hands. Even if we come up with a list of all that's wrong in general, there's even less certainty over each individual case of FX kit and wearer together. Sure it will be possible to fix, shim, bondo, but we're beyond generalizations. FX has a ticking clock, we try to avoid getting it, we never recommend it and we try not to talk about
  3. It is possible to mod an FX armor to reach centurion-able accuracy, step one is to replace all the parts though.
  4. Yeah, what is all that ROTJ TK hating? ROTJ TK still beats all other costumes around, the screen close-ups showed loose parts and inconsistent builds, but the game will idealise and conform. I think we'll be happy with the mix of attention to detail and mainstream gaming. Yes, the genre is as mainstream as it gets. In Battlefront, I believe we'll be shooting around from mid and marksman range, playing 3 meters from the TV or 40cm from a 24", getting our asses kicked by 12 years olds and be spoken to poorly over voice chat. Had it been an RPG game like Fallout or Skyrim, then sure we'd lo
  5. Even with screen/prop accuracy in mind I still don't believe there's a better kit, only better kits for you. One member paying hundreds more for something another would think is less accurate, is not illogical in the context of the hobby. That's why this forum is big.
  6. They are missing some revenue considering the price tag on their other stuff, like earlier mentioned "loss leader sale" is there. Here are some thoughts I had: - There was no mainstream market for kits. - Pre-assembling is lots of additional labor and store + workspace requirement even if you know what you're doing, it's gonna cost. - The license they're using can't be free. - Here and today, they've been getting somewhat free advertising through the celebration, the legion, detachments, RPF, their members and facebook. - Those are the big markets for kits, preaching the DIY way like it
  7. Wow, okay. Yes. It's terrible. It's gonna be exactly that and we can base even more full-game criticism on a few teasers, I'm sorry. Let's form a boycott Battlefront. There's no point answering in your thread if you're going to extrapolate assumptions for the sake of being negative. Negativity without information is not criticism, it's annoying.
  8. They released a video showing a spinning 3D model of a ROTJ TK that did not look anything close to an eFX https://youtu.be/2yKv45X_OIo?t=1m29s
  9. I'm a bit like Trooper96. I currently have music and home studio recording, photography, PC gaming. I had other hobbies on the side and all hobbies make you spend a lot. Stormtrooping has saved me money by distracting me from the pulsating needs for more gear/hobbies. I love the stormtrooper armor so I only need one set, and I find every other SW costume incompatible with my approach to the hobby. So most money trooping I spent was travelling, and it did make all my trips more fun with new and old friends around. Travelling makes you a younger happier person so you save even more on antid
  10. Volunteering is its own reward.
  11. It doesn't look too bad. There's a thickness to the ABS, that thickness gives you room to make the corners and depth. If you zoom in on mine you'll see how I worked it. It wasn't easy, or quick, I had to put on a tv show. -----------
  12. If it's any consolation there will be fan made armor that are cheaper, more comfy and more accurate. Don't pay extra for impatience.
  13. Your nose doesn't touch the helmet, so it really depends on the size of your glasses. To be on the safe side... wear the largest glasses you can find...
  14. I also have the T/MC, softer details than Jeremy's. The definition of the last teeth didn't really bother me. They'll just be holes and once you drilled, filed into a rectangle and painted, it doesn't matter where the bumps/cravices were exactly.
  15. Yes, you do what you have to do to get into the armor. Then I don't know why you quote me, I was saying that nowhere rubber was required at any tier, and we do have shimmed EIB's and centurions. I didn't see the arguments as valid because of those two examples. My whole intervention in this thread was about trying to motivate proper timing and use of tier 2 and 3. We should focus on referencing what we see and decide on the extra miles later. No one's possibility to get approved is at risk when we lay out the knowledge base for the builders and makers. It is a new project, we should g
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