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Another Deathtrooper!

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You have the most understanding wife ever!




Yeah, she's pretty awesome!


She isn't dressing up for the coming zombie walk but she will be taking pictures. Once this is done I'm going to set up a photo shoot with someone to get some nice low light horror movie style shots. I just need to find a rebel to eat...

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I'm all done painting... I have to sew up the straps and belt for it. I'm hoping to suit up tonight or tomorrow for the first time!





I also noticed something about my iPhone and the lighting in my shop. I've got a mix of different types of bulbs and it seems to mess up the colors. The center of the pic is very green, the edges are more brown. The leg off to the right is how it all actually looks... nothing is green like in the middle.

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Nice! Will this be 501st approved at some point? I have no skin in the game either way, but I've been asked that by several folks now.

Not unless he cuts the helmet up more to show prostetics. It is a VERY nice looking helmet though!

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Not unless he cuts the helmet up more to show prostetics. It is a VERY nice looking helmet though!


Says who? :)


The working draft CRL says that exposed flesh has to be rotten. But there's nothing saying that there HAS to be exposed flesh. Case in point:




When discussing the applicability of this character for the Legion, there has been no talk of requiring there to be exposed skin. If I was doing the open mouth helmet, yeah... definitely.

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This is the response I received last time I submitted the Death Trooper Application.


126. and 131. Eddie Dennis and Paul Farquhar as Death Troopers


When considering an Expanded Universe character for membership, it is important to identify the best reference. For a character whose visual appearance is based on a video game, the high resolution model becomes the source. The Death Trooper is no exception;



These images represent the visual source file for the character. Oozing blood might be over top for some. Notice that LFL was careful not to have oozing blood on their base model. Instead the entire suit is distressed and damaged with a gangrenous palour. And once more, there's no blood. The face is contorted and decayed.


For 501st consideration, I will be looking for costumes to match the SWG base model (above.) Additionally, any exposed flesh will need to be treated with zombie prosthetic or facial paint.



If these standards are met, I will fully support the inclusion of the Death Trooper.

The opinion was voiced that there are no 501st events for such characters. Perhaps not at visits to the burn ward of an orphanage. For many other events, such as most any convention that 501st might participate in such a hypothetical costume would be fine.


About the concern that approval of such character might grant open license to members to use bad judgement and wear inappropriate costumes to sensitive events. First, events that have selective criteria should be listed as such. Up until this year Disney's prohibited the 501st's EU costumers from participating in Star Wars Weekends. Members who attempted to circumvent the event's policy were turned back by 501st coordinators. Members who intentionally create problems can face suspension and even expulsion under the rules of our charter. It really is no different than some one in a screen accurate and G-canon TK going out to an event and causing an expulsion worthy incident. It is not the costume, but the character of the being inside.





They are going by the SWG models, not Gentle Giant... my vote was for the Gentle Giant style FYI but they want swg. And every SWG model has an exposed mouth area. The gentle giant statues dont show up in any game, movie, or anything besides just gentle giants artist interpretation of a death trooper. I even argued that my costume was canon because my death troopers trailer was voted as the winner (george lucas, mary franklin and few other people from del rey had the final descision) to represent the book. Also my costume has been approved by LFL for working events and I've been published in it many times on starwars.com and star wars insider and am always labeled as Death Trooper. But I can see there point with wanting SWG style. So your going to have to cut them helmets a little more and show a little mouth. :)


Here's my helmet and some Reference Pics: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.206122829405907.51666.100000245737438&type=1

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They are going by the SWG models, not Gentle Giant... my vote was for the Gentle Giant style FYI but they want swg.So your going to have to cut them helmets a little more.


While Jason and I do take the precedent of LMO Spanos quite seriously when making our decisions, we do not necessarily abide by every choice he made.


The Gentle Giant bust is a valid source of visual reference for these guys and certainly would not be discarded when we make the decision to approve the character.


The Galaxies model is 1 trooper. We would not want to see dozens of identical zombies. That would look terrible.


Since I can't approve my own suit it will ultimately be Jason's decision, but I'm pretty confident that he and I will reach an agreeable conclusion without forcing an exposed mouth on this one. I'll leave that to one of our other undead stormies ;)


If he decides to force me to have my chin showing so be it, but I can't imagine it will come to that.

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If were going by all LFL backed death trooper art now then shouldnt blood be ok since the below images shows plenty....? Or are we going to just pick and choose what we think Death Troopers look like even though Del Rey and SWG have clearly shown what they believe them to be. I was under the impression costumes had to be established through film, game, or comics aka art. And I believe GG statues are art so they should be fine. And if you have blood well I think that should also be fine since the creators of Death Troopers seem to think so. FYI sony had nothing to do with the creation of death troopers... That was all LFL and Del Rey. SWG chose not to use blood I think to keep ratings low. They basically just jumped on the wagon to have some interesting content for once. lol




The book is what started it all... and right on the cover is blood!



Personally, I would like to see all SWG art and gentle giant art versions approved and with the above image I shouldnt have to do anything to mine, see below.



250393_246057418745781_100000245737438_1008058_3872817_n by TD-443 [Death Trooper], on Flickr


I'd also be more then happy to ask Joe (Death troopers author) how he visioned death troopers would look like. Since when Del Rey and LFL asked me to design one for comic con 2009 his input, the SWG art above, and the book cover (which has blood on it) was all I had to go by.


And minus my stupid thigh gun holster. lol :)


I think there are a few crappy death troopers rolling around and I have no problem being on a approval committee that approves these. My armor should be ok, as well as yours Brian. Because they both represent death troopers correctly.


And just in case anyone needs to see my video of what LFL and Del Rey chose to represent the Death Troopers book, here it is (mmm 139k views lol):


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need more? Heres my Approved Topps Star Wars Galaxy Card drawn by Joe Corroney, that someone found in a pack in the UK.


164188_184713251546865_100000245737438_634821_8028162_n by TD-443 [Death Trooper], on Flickr


heres Jeff Carlisle's artwork he made for starwars.com during Halloween last year. And my leg lol. I see some blood on that trooper...


285484_10150714894970012_787290011_19685947_4412455_n by TD-443 [Death Trooper], on Flickr

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sorry for hi-jacking this thread. Ive brought this over to the main boards: http://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=65505&highlight=


Brians DT armor looks awesome! And I would love to help with the CRL

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hehehe... back on topic ;)


here's the test fit tonight:




the image was edited slightly in that i only had one lens in my helmet. i've since put the other one in, but for this shot my right eye is photoshopped. i also did some color/lighting filters to make it more dramatic ;)

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Awesome armor!!



but I also think that you´d be allowed to use blood if there´s ever a CRL, a zombie is a zombie and as they behave in the book from which they originate blood is pretty much crucial for the desired effect. We troop for the fun of it and I think it´s pretty obvious that you don´t wear an armor with blood on it at a hospital, but at cons and the like, that would be really awesome.

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Since I wanted to be a bit uglier for the zombie walk, I made up a second face plate.








This was a last minute thing. I picked up a mask to use for the mouth this afternoon. I did work in a couple of neat details. One of the mic tips is hanging by some wires with a bit of conduit sticking out of the hole, and there is a microphone dangling inside around where you'd expect it to be.


I left enough of the mask so that when you look up under the helmet you see the bottom of the nose. I cut off about another 1" or so more than you see in the pic where the mask is separate.


The mask piece is glued to the inside of the helmet at the proper height for it to sit where my chin sits. I'll detail it more when I get a better mouth later :)

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