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  1. that's pretty much what i've been doing as well, still is quite a squeeze! haha
  2. im not sure what size they are, they seem to be pretty big, how do i know what size they are?
  3. that's kinda what i have going on, but i see you have your fans pointing at the lense, ima try that!
  4. alright, computer fans right? i have one hooked up to the center of my frown but wasn't getting much air from it, if you get a chance to take a photo of what you're talking about, it would might help me out a lot, thanks man!
  5. howdy troopers! i am having a lot of trouble trying to get my head into the helmet with my two squirrel blowers in there, is there any certain way or optimal position that you have your fans in there or is it just impossible to get two of those bad boys and a head in an AP helmet? The photo is the way I have it right now and it's a battle to get my head in there and not rip them off. If you have any photos of your setup, that would be greatly appreciated, thank you brothers!
  6. finally official!!!

  7. boom! you are definitely in the right place, just go to the "getting started" section and you're golden! welcome! http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showforum=38
  8. i really like mine from triktoys and got it fast, super comfortable. http://www.triktoys.com/shop/catalog/ribbed-neckseal-p-68.html
  9. i would have loved to see a rubies made to centurion status!
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