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  1. Hi Can you please grant me full TK access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=12425 Ta
  2. Well whatever it is the seller doesn't seem to know as he describes it as a ROtJ cast when it clearly is ANH type? The helmet is odd as it has hero lenses but stunt frown but I'm no expert at armour types.
  3. Deepest condolences at this difficult time.
  4. A good friend of mine say "Aren't you a little tall for a comedian?" gets em every time!
  5. These are pictures for my first outing as a TK. This was a troop at the best buy store to mark the launch of the blurays. I'm the taller of the TKs
  6. One tip I use is once I've attached the tape is to take a small brush and brush some paint on some paint and let it dry. This sorta seals the tape and then when you spray the paint on it doesn't run so much.
  7. Hi all I need some urgent advice. I am selling my old Hasbro/doopydoos E11 on the bay of E's. The current highest bidder is in Canada, and the auction ends in only a few hours,, but someone has told me that it is illegal to ship replica firearms to Canada, even plastic toy guns that look real like my blaster. Can anyone shed some light in this please. If this is the case I will have to refund the guy his money and risk negative feedback. Martin
  8. Quick question if you don't mind. My TK has now been cleared with the UKG and thoughts now turn towards EIB, I have made all the modifications needed for the process according to the requirments, and just built a new doopydoos E-11 to replace the Hasbro one. The only thing I'm worried about is due to my height there is a little gap at my knees. Before I get the photos done for submission can you have a look at my clearance photo and let me know if you think the gap would be a problem for EIB. Oh and the ab plate is a different shade of white to the rest of the suit, is this a EIB problem. Oh and I know my belt is wonky, I will put it on straight if I apply for EIB Can I even apply for EIB or would i be rejected because of these concerns. Many thanks. Edit, not sure why my photo won't display?
  9. Can you tell me how you did the scope please as that's the only bit missing from my doopydoos. Love the build by the way
  10. Did the PVC pipe thing that Gazmosis suggested. Worked well, thanks for the suggestion.
  11. I have just finsihed making my new Doopydoo's all resin blaster to replace my old Hasbro conversion. Only little problem I encounted was I lost the little front vent cover thingy. :-(. other than that I'm quite pleased with it. What do you all think? Some Detail and side by side with my old Hasbro
  12. Just built my Blaster, and its awaiting painting. for the Scope rail I bought a strip of 2mm Steel (20mm wide) from a local DIY store. I then used a dremmel and a vice to make the rail. I was going to use Alumininum but was a bit worried about it sagging as I could only get 2mm.
  13. Hi I have a centurion question regarding the ab and kidney plate. I know that you need 3 rivets on one side for centurion, but I have to use shims on the sides as I a little bigger than most - ahem. I have used plastic abs for my shims, but to go for centurion where do I put the rivets? On the ab and shim, kidney and shim or ab and kidney with the shim in-between if that makes sense? Martin
  14. Wow, looks awesome. I have just ordered one of these kits and will be trying to emulate your success with your build.
  15. I quite like the shot with only one eye lens in. You could make up your face under it.
  16. Most paint will cure from the outside in, so in approx 15 mins the surface of the paint will be touch dry but under the surface the paint is still wet. The cure time will depend upon the relative temp and humidity, but I would normally allow 24-48 hours for full cure time but occasionally it may take even longer. That said when putting multiple coats of paint you must do all the coats quite quickly otherwise you end up putting paint on a half cured coat and you can end up with the dreaded "orange peel" effect Martin
  17. I was having the same problem with my snaps when using the plier set. In the end I gave up on the pliers and used the punch that came with the snaps and a large hammer and just wacked it!!. worked a treat and quite good fun
  18. It looks a lot better in natural light than when using a flash as my wife did for the photo.
  19. Not sure, as I said I got the armour from Mark Gage and that's how it came
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