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  1. Best Deathtrooper I have ever seen, You have motivated me to kill my ANH Hero sir. Your deathtrooper looks like it actually came out of the ground with all the other filthy stinking zombies, I can almost smell the decay.
  2. Build Done. ....OMG now what do i do?

  3. <speechless> *wipes drool from mouth* </speechless>
  4. Announcement. Okay, I am done with my build. My Holster is not up to par with the requirements because i used a really thin fake Leather swatch from some old kitchen chairs (don't ask.) I will be wearing it for the first time in Public on the 28th of October. That is if you don't count the time i wore it all to take the garbage to the curb. I will take some photos and post them of my build. I will submit for 501st just afterwards. It is my first build so please be gentle. I look forward to trooping with the central garrison May of next year in Spearfish.
  5. so there is an approved zombie trooper.....excellent
  7. Thanks guys, I will try to sand it, I have the sandpaper, thenuse some glass cleaner or something. As you said if all else fails I can buy new ones
  8. I am new here and I believe I might have made a huge mistake. I dripped the ABS cement onto the eye-lens, I quickly grabbed Methyl-ethyl Ketone to wipe it off. This Caused an even bigger problem it left the lens cloudy. I was hoping that it was only the remnants of the paste and I could maybe wipe it down some more but I don't want to take any more chances with MEK. not a great picture but you get the idea. What do you guys suggest?
  9. Where did you purchase the dye and finish?
  10. Helmet Finished today. Have lots of work to do on Armor

  11. AP armor here ANH Hero, I am using Velcro at the moment and learning about some of its negatives but it is my first build. I am finding it to be a slow process as well, but quality comes at a price. I would be done by now if I didn't care
  12. So far my target Is to finish my ANH Armor by halloween to be a road guard for the kids in base housing.
  13. I am very very new to all of this, I did just buy my first kit with a helmet. I am finding lots of deviations from the intended instructions in the kit. All I have left is legs forearms, hands, and final nelmet details. I say it is all I have left but I need to accomplish lots more trimming to fit me. I may have to be in the suit for a few hours, So I will need comfort. This has been 2 weeks of work. I have used; Hot glue gun blue paint Gray paint Black Paint ABS Glue, Drill Drill Bits. Industrial Velcro strips (sticky back 15 feet)almost gone (I am still new to this so I can only describe noobish perspective REGRETS; Not finding a way to temp install Velcro for fit not taking my time with helmet to avoid sanding and reglue not taking the time to watch movies for detail instead of blind instruction following..This put my straps in weird places, I should have fit it to me. Watched the youtube videos of people armoring up to see how their builds work As stated I am very new to tho, I just want to help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made.
  14. The Media is making me nuts. Like a lot of people I had a paradigm shift after these events. Sept 11 2001 was the major factor for my current military service. Unfortunately, the media knows that death sells. We, as Americans, find it very difficult to forget so I don't need the news or major media outlets to keep reminding me of the devastation. Companies sell shirts, bumper stickers, flags, hats, and the list goes on. We as a people, have been attacked. So much so as to the willingful surrendering of our liberties in order to protect against its repeat. We are cut deep We lost our families, we don't need the media making capitol off of our sorrow. I did not mean to go on a rant, and I know the original posters intentions are pure, thank you for this. The major media outlets is all I can think of now when someone says "remember." Is this eating away at anyone else?
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