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501st Trooper Status Requests (Include link to your 501st profile in your request!)

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6 hours ago, Doggydoc said:

Requesting access. Trooper ID TK96004




That's your legion forum profile not your membership link, you could read the first post OR try this one ;) 



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3 minutes ago, TK-228098 said:

Requesting from diamond garrison 

You need to add a link to your legion membership profile, have a read of the fist post in this thread 

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8 hours ago, alejodela4 said:

TK-20229 from Garrison Argentina requesting access.

Link to 501st Profile: http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20229

Your link is broken, here is the correct link

Su enlace está roto, aquí está el enlace correcto


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10 hours ago, tuskentrooper said:

Assuming this is the place to post if Detachment Affiliation somehow shows as expired in the 2022 census...


You have 501st TK access. Some info on detachment affiliation here:


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