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  1. Neckseal is in the bag of the main kit box, packed with the black strapping and velcro.
  2. This also might be because E6000 is a particular brand. You'll notice they didn't mention "Velcro®" by name (instead it's actually "hook and loop"), and didn't say "Super Glue®" either. Is there a generic term for E6000? If not, then it may be a legal thing. That said, CA still works, just maybe not as well as brand name alternatives.
  3. Not unlike the original screen-used helmets? Since these were built the same way, tearing apart and rebuilding shouldn't be too hard for most folks if you want to tweak things.
  4. This is correct, the cancellation deadline only applies to the first wave that is about to ship---so the policy has not changed.
  5. Ironically, the TK kits are a product that is close to the estimated delivery of Winter 2015.
  6. You presume they are made in the USA. Generally, larger runs are more cost-efficient overseas.
  7. Due to differences in the products (some more complicated than others---in this case helmet vs an entire set of armor) and ramping up multiple items with overlapping timelines and approval processes, it makes sense. The main thing to remember is that original TKs were promised in Winter and it seems they are about to ship on time. The First Order helmets were actually EARLY.
  8. Technically, neither has shipped to customers just yet. The notification is for the generation of shipping LABELS as mentioned in the recent ANOVOS email. However, FO helmets may indeed arrive at customer homes before the New Year (Christmas if you're really lucky).
  9. Remember that most of the ANOVOS stuff (except the pre-packaged Han/Officer belt buckles and Han waist belt) is only on display as examples. Those who pre-ordered direct from ANOVOS will have priority order when it comes to shipping, too.
  10. Typically there is a waiting period while incoming goods pass through customs and then, as I understand it, kits need to have the individual sized soft goods inserted. I wouldn't count on Christmas delivery, although some folks *might* get some before January 1.
  11. No solid release date has been given for the public First Order armor yet. The First Order Standard Line helmets should be shipping by January though.
  12. They are aware of the concern, but unless we want to delay things further, it's better just to leave it and maybe they can adjust it on the next run. As mentioned, looks like a simple tweak that will only affect higher levels of approval. Glad that it meets base requirements out of the box.
  13. I believe these are Chicago screws vs rivets and may easily be removed. There's a second pic of the inside of the holster/belt:
  14. Contact support@anovos.com with your name and order number and they can adjust the shipping address.
  15. Okay, just heard back and I'm told that according to the Material Safety Data Sheet used in production, the material has not changed from ABS. They did say that some parts are now using a 0.003 thinner plastic, presumably for the improved detail. Again, I am not an expert so I'm only going by what I'm told. If someone has the material analyzed and can send me documentation, I'll pass that back along to ANOVOS in case their supplier is trying to pull a fast one. Thanks for your patience while I checked with them!
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