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501st Trooper Status Requests (Include link to your 501st profile in your request!)

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4 hours ago, Wesboehlke said:

TK11286 requesting approval...

A bit confused here as I can log into the 501st site and my own Outer rim Garrison but not White Armor??

Detachments are separate to the legion and garrisons websites, you need to request higher access on each detachment. You also need to post a link to your legion membership profile, have a look at the other posts ;) 


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Requesting 501st status.



Not sure if I did this already or not. The 501st member below my name makes me think I did. Lol



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37 minutes ago, Rocket66 said:

Hi. I’m Requesting 501st Access since I forgot my account info. I made a new account, can you please delete my old account. Thank you in advance. 


501st profile is below: 


Your old account, was it under the same forum name?

I might need a few more details from you so please shoot me a PM

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