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Ear caps... 3 or 4 bumps?


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Whats the story with this? I have had a few people ask in the past about EIB and Hero's having 3 bumps and stunt having 4. I personally have not seen anything regarding this anywhere. I thought they all had 4. My thinking on this is did they really make 2 different versions for a movie. that seems a bit excessive and overly complicated keeping things in order. We already know they couldn't keep suits together. Parts missing, tube stripes lost.


Someone please tell me what the story is so I have an answer to give. My T/MC kits don't have 2 versions to offer. Ours is 4 only.

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ive read the story on this before on starwarshelmets.com, it explains why ther is differences between the 2 helmet types ;)


here is a side by side comparison of hero/stunt helmets


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Currently we don't specify the number of ear bumps for EI simply because special ears are so hard to get ahold of. It's a "should have" and at some point in the future will probably be a "must have". Certainly when we re-visit the topic of "better than EIB status" it will be there. IIRC I got my 3 bump ears from John Danter, and I think RT may also make them on demand.

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Cheers Paul :)

As it goes, I've just upgraded my moulds to cater for 3 bump demand :)

Done the same for my 4 bump version too









Plus soon I'll be making my latex ear switches again. Serious lid pimping :)


I've made my own vac form mould to enable me to make a simple ear with a recessed hole



You cut this out and file it, like you do your frown vents, to make the correct sized hole.

The switch hides inside there :)



The flexible antenna can then be used to control fans, RomFx or whatever you want.


The antenna is made from a flexible compound to enable you to press a hidden switch that can be momentary (for samples or Troopercom) or latched (for power etc)

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well now. that's new to me. personally I think requiring 3 in the future is a bit too much but shouldn't stop others from getting EIB if they only have 4. Because of the huge issue of matching color I wouldn't order a set of from someone else if I bought the helmet from another person.


I'll see what happens now. It's bad enough people barely tell me they want stunt or Hero lenses. Now to contact the maker about doing a second version of the ears.

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To ease any concern Tray - any increase in EIB standards will be voted on, and we'd also probably break out the Stunt from Hero at that time. Honestly I don't see it happening any time soon unless there were reliable and accessible sources for the parts. The point of EI is not 100% film accuracy at any cost - it's meant to be a step higher than 501st base standards that are achievable at a reasonable cost/effort.

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