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  1. I'm buffing my suit back to white by 1200 grit and wet 1200.
  2. I might be out of line, but it's damn good to see an FX lid free troop.
  3. Application denied. The discoloring needs to be fixed and better action shots.
  4. Firstly, I'd start a new thread under armor builds. Post pictures and I know alot of people will be able to contribute to make it better.
  5. Oh. So now he admits that he didn't sculpt the clay model? Geebus!
  6. I love how doopydoo's has evolved with trooping and is catering to the high standards of EIB/Centurion.
  7. The pinch on the shoulders help give a wider appearence when viewed from the front. Something which is good, 'cos I'm skinny.
  8. This looks so awesome! Can't wait to see a suited up picture. Party like it's 1983.
  9. Got my e6000 a few weeks ago and it certainly smells like nothing I've ever encountered before. The stuff is great though! Glued my glasses with it and it bonded very nicely. Some friends of mine play in a rock band, and I did an appearance to start their intro tape of The Imperial March. I walked up some stairs at the back of the stage and stood there looking menacing for a couple of minutes.
  10. Earning MONEY in a band? Wow, that's an unfamiliar concept!
  11. I play guitar. Me in the first photo.
  12. I do! http://www.myspace.com/solstormofficial
  13. Also, the forehead is open, allowing air passage.
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