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EIB Requirements/Feedback from the Experts.


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Hello and greetings everyone,


After reviewing the EIB requirements for the ANH stunt, and as stated, I would like to receive feedback from the EIB Experts on this forum regarding questions and doubts I need to clarify.


For the helmet; Must Have or Should Have

Lenses may be green or smoke? Or Lenses should be green only? They should be dark enough that viewers cannot see the eyes behind them?

The mesh behind the teeth area, it matters for EIB? OR it does not matter?


For the Holster: Must Have or Should Have

Holster should be attached to the canvas belt from behind, using two fasteners at the bottom. These may be rivets or Chicago screws. I know the stunt ANH should have these two, but I do like to look of the four rivets, so, 2 is best, 4 is okay? How strict that guideline is for EIB?


For the Gloves: Must Have or Should Have

Must be black rubber or nomex gloves are accepted as well?

Hand plates: ABS or Latex?


For the Blaster: Must Have or Should Have

My E-11 Blaster has a D ring on the left side on the front part of the barrel, is this accepted?

In general, is my E-11 as is accepted?


For starters, let me hear your scream about this doubts. Thank you

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For ANH Stunt EIB


* Lenses should be flat green only.


* There is no requirement for mesh behind the teeth, either for EIB or for 501st standards, though it's a common practice.


* The EIB standards don't specify the number of rivets as a requirement, however the guidance is 2 for stunt and 4 for hero. This may be tightened up in the future, so it's probably best to follow the guidance.


* Gloves: nomex gloves are fine for EIB. Rubber gloves are suggested but not required.


* Latex hand guards are suggested but not required for EIB. ABS is fine.


* The second d-ring on the blaster is fine for 501st acceptance, but...probably not for EIB. Our standards are not entirely exact - my guidance would be "no" as they are not canonically seen on screen in ANH, and could be categorized as an ESB detail.


Does this help?

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Thank you Paul for your response, yes it does helps.


Additional questions on this regard:


As for the hand guards: Speaking of the ABS hand guards.

When you place them on the gloves, do you Velcro them to the gloves, or do you use elastic as the example picture I am sending as reference?


What is the accepted way for EIB?


As for the E-11 Blaster:

According to your opinion, and if I understood correctly. If I remove the second-ring on the blaster, the rest of the blaster it would be okay, it would now be accepted for EIB?


Thanks for your help.

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To mount the hand plates, you could mount them a few different ways. Here's some (but not all)


1. Velcro them on to your gloves. Sew or glue the velcro to your gloves, stick the opposite velcro on the underside of the handplate = done


2. glue 2 elastic straps to your handplates. One loop around your wrist, one loop around all 4 fingers. The way you have it right now looks painful.


3. The authentic way was to use black rubber dishwashing gloves, and glue on latex hand plates.


I came up with another way here. Kind of a variation on number 2 above.




In regards to your blaster, just remove the front one if you want to go ANH style.

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I did Velcro them on to my gloves, I’ve used the industrial strength Velcro type, but if feels like they will fall off my hands without noticing, and I am looking for a better way to do this.


And guess what, I’ve just found what I was looking for; this is it, looks very secure, very nice and very comfortable.


Gracias Terry for sharing!!!!


As per my blaster, I will remove the front one. Thx.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I did my home work regarding how to mount my hand plates to the gloves, I’ve followed Terry’s tutorial and I would like to share with you all what I think it turn out very good.


I did my own version; I did some modifications to adjust it to my own hand size. Thanks to my wife, she did all the sewing for me, (as usual) and the result it feels very relaxing, I don’t feel any stress on my hands any more, very comfortable to say the least.



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on the blaster details, the front D ring is for the ROTJ e-11.


the ESB E-11's 3 different types.

1. some ANH style ones. -usually without the scope counter and power cells.

2. some stunt versions with the greeblies. (snow troopers photos, promo photos.)

3 london prop store versions. (sure would like to see a screencap of the LPS version.)

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IIRC the London E-11 as you call it, the prop store stated that the u channel was not original to the piece. The only authentic bit about it was the sterling everything else was added by the shop. So the long and short of it is you will not find a screen cap of that blaster anywhere in ESB.

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