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  1. I just received my neckseal from Ladysewforus and the quality is great.
  2. The knee plate is on the wrong calf and the thigh with ammo piece on the wromg leg.
  3. I remeber someone a while ago made custom HENGSTLER number stickers. Anyone have an idea where to get some that look good? or off the net? THANX
  4. They look fantastic Alex, I'll take 2! Very talented you are.
  5. CONGRATS Chuck, Your work is beautiful and awesome to say the least. You must be proud as we are proud of you.
  6. Thanks Jesse, I'll take 2 unfinished pieces from you if your offering, PM me and let me know what you want for them. Thanks!
  7. I've been looking for some aluminum bar for a little while to do the same thing.I just emailed a company I found on ebay for a quote on 2 small pieces. Yours came out very cool.
  8. try one shim on the inside and one shim on the outside and velcro together if you must use both. Instead of both on the outside.
  9. Looks great, definately went the extra mile with the detailed mods.
  10. Do you run fans? Yes If yes to fans, how many? Two fans Which Hovi do you use? STOMPER Hovi Mic Tips Hovi with the mini speakers built in? Yes, LAUNCHPAD speakers Is your Brow and neck trim accurate? Yes
  11. Woodchuck, your work is beautiful! I couldn't build a cigar box. Love the AT-AT.
  12. WOW, I hate to admit I had a "73" Ford Pinto as a first car. What a chick magnet when your 17? Luckily I blew it up and had to buy a "77" Camaro.
  13. Looks good bro, when your trooping events and making kids smile they don't think about how screen accurate your suit is! They think "WOW a real stormtrooper". What ever the price, if your happy with it like the hundreds of others or much much more that have FX, that's all that counts. Now finish up and get trooping!!
  14. I made the tabs on my snap pieces longer than needed, not a perfect square, more rectangular. That helped create a good bond and alot of surface material glued to the armor pieces, hope you know what I mean. Good Luck.
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