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  1. Peregrinus

    New Character/New CRL?

    The red Stormtrooper first appeared in the Spring '95 issue of Topps' Star Wars Galaxies magazine. It was a short story about Lumiya, set after ROTJ, when she was going around convincing defecting Imperial research facilities that to do so would be a mistake. To help accomplish this, she had a couple squads of Royal Guards in red Stormtrooper armor, called out as such in the story text and RPG notes in the sidebar, and illustrated as such for the story by Colleen Doran. This was right when the 501st was just starting. Not saying no one in the nascent club did this back then, but i doubt it. Meanwhile, the Visual Dictionary, published in '98, mentioned the simple existence of the Magma Trooper, no description or illustration. It was someone in the 501st who decided the former was the latter, from apparently not doing their homework. It's an error I've spent years fighting to uncollapse. Meanwhile meanwhile, the clone Emperor dates back to Dark Empire #2, from early '92. Tom Spanos did it before then to inspire the British artist?
  2. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Same white as you use for your armor, I'd say. And any satin black should work for those bits.
  3. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    The basic kit also comes with the gaskets (just no neck seal, hence having to order it separate), so you'll have full sets from both. *heh* I'd suggest maybe putting them up for sale on here, if you don't want to keep them as back-ups.
  4. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    I'd recommend the kit, and then 3D printing 5thHorseman's foregrip and lower rail pieces. Side-by-side comparison shows that, after all his revisions, his final version is within a couple millimeters in every direction, or better. So those pieces should fit on the ANOVOS kit juuuuust fine.
  5. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Tangentially related, I just got am e-mail earlier that their F-11D kit is back up for pre-order. Doing another run. So if you missed it last time... A reminder, this is the "Standard" trooper model -- no shoulder stock, mounts to thigh bracket. Not the upscaled "Heavy" version. So if you're doing a Phasma or FOHWT, this isn't the correct blaster.
  6. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    My big concern is that even with acetone-sludge ABS paste or plastic welder and all that, it'll still be a discontinuity in the material, and therefore a weak point in an area that flexes to get that item on and off. So it will crack, sooner or later. And any repair is always going to be less than the integrity of the original finished piece, so I try to engineer or overengineer to prevent the damage in the first place. I'm going Cardinal, so mine's getting painted regardless of whatever else. So that's also not a concern for me. I've got a pretty darn tough automotive wheel clearcoat to protect the finish from chipping, too. So I'm going ot do me level best to make sure it doesn't get damaged from the inside. The stupid part is that it probably isn't necessary. As with Phasma, the shoulders will be covered by the cape, so I could really just do a hinge or flex joint. But I want to go the distance, since there could very well be times the cape gets thrown back and the shoulders exposed. I want to say more, but really shouldn't until I've had a chance to hold those two pieces and look at the join from many angles and see how everything lines up and how much excess I may have to work with.
  7. Peregrinus

    TFA Captain Cardinal

    The description in the book was that Vi spat blood on one of Cardinal's boots, and absently noted that it was not quite the same color red as the "flawless plastoid" it landed on. I take that to mean boot armor like Phasma's and that it's red to match the rest of his armor. I conjecture, from precedent, that the boots under it are black FOTK boots like Phasma and the Flametroopers wear under their boot armor. I've only ever seen "plastoid" -- let alone "flawless" -- refer to Stormtrooper hard armor. Others interpret it to mean red leather versions of the FOTK boots, a stance I feel is at odds with the prose description. Similarly, I presume his weapons are echoes of Phasma's -- again because of both precedent of their purported equal rank, coupled with the text. SE-44c on his hip, with red casing instead of the standard white or Phasma's chrome. F-11D Heavy (upscaled, fixed stock, no holstering plate/screws), again with the bits that are white on the standard HWTs' blasters or chrome on Phasma's in red. He only carries the latter in one flashback scene in the book. The rest of the time, the text is describing a single-handed blaster with gleaming red prominently visible while holstered on his leg. The SE-44c fits that far better. But without visual support, there's no confirmation either way, and without conformation, no CRL. I am doing it anyway, but, as I'm waiting on ANOVOS, I haven't had much progress to show. I've been slowly working on my boot armor, and am going to be beginning 3D printing of my blasters soon. I have everything else that isn't coming with the ANOVOS kit except the cape.
  8. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    I actually have a notion, but I'm waiting until I have this thing in hand to do some dry runs first to check feasibility. If said notion works, it should be inexpensive... but a little fiddly and time-consuming. I know -- with a Stormtrooper costume? Unheard of! Said notion is also planned to include @ukswrath's metal shoulder braces/shoulder bell tabs, so one is warned. I gave up on this upcoming Celebration in disgust, so I don't need it in time for that, but I'm still hoping I ordered early enough to be in that first batch... Okay, other thoughts. I'm going TFA with my build. The e-mail had this to say regarding the two variants we have so far: I have never seen a straight comparison rundown between TFA and TLJ. How accurate is that? And, apart from that, I believe the main difference is the groin armor. Given this looks to be the more abbreviated TLJ version, how the heck is one supposed to be able to opt to finish it as the TFA version? Inquiring minds want to know. But man that chest plate... I may get that cleaned up, detailed on the back side, and painted before I tackle any of the rest, just to have it sitting there as encouragement. That is just so pretty!
  9. Peregrinus

    The Best Sterling Templates EVER!

    I keep checking this thread when there's new activity in the section to see if Lucas has maybe resurfaced. I've been worried about him since he poofed. I know Australia's a deathtrap, but... In other news, since I re-read the whole thread for nostalgia, I realized no one corrected a major sticking point. Everyone's having trouble finding pipe the right size... because y'all're looking for pipe. Pipe sizes go by nominal inner diameter, regardless of material or thickness. What you should be looking for is tube, which is measured by outer diameter. There's plenty of 1.5" tubing out there in a variety of materials and wall thicknesses. So get back out there and keep building.
  10. So because the new story about the development of Denis Villeneuve's Dune project got me nostalgic for the David Lynch one (as well as the surge of bitterness no one ever even tried to take all the raw footage and do a proper completion of it in a full four-hour, completed-VFX, intermission-and-overture epic...) and had the bonus features on as background noise while I worked. In the featurette on the costumes, Bob Ringwood was talking about how they made the Guild Navigators' uniforms out of old body bags. Commentary was made about the tar-coated canvas, the straps for securing and carrying, the pockets for papers containing pertinent details to be transported with the deceased... ...And all I could think of was "Did they use a body bag for Phasma's cape?" Or at least the inspiration for it. I know the standard model human-remains pouch was made from coated canvas at least through the Vietnam War, though other details vary (by that point, the pockets were clear plastic, rather than the pouch material). For those who have managed to reconstruct accurately useful patterns for her cape, looking at how it's put together, would it lend itself to such an origin? If the zipper and end seams were taken out and one end re-sewn into that neckline, maybe? Is the placement of the straps such that they could have been used as carry handles?
  11. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Fine-tuning in this case means methods of use with the steel bucks, and with how the pieces are prepped. That forearm piece had a minor tear in the plastic -- don't know if that came from pulling it off when it was still too warm, or at the wrong angle, or if it got overstressed in trimming, or what. But something went wrong, there. I'd rather they get that sort of thing straightened out before committing. And yeah, the kit comes with shoulder, elbow, and knee gaskets, belt, and pouches. How good they all are we'll have to wait and see. But as far as I know, no strapping or buckles or other such stuff.
  12. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Personally, I'm not too concerned about that. To make sure materials match, I'm going to use the bits I cut out for my more-accurate-than-the-film-version cutouts on the belt boxes, forearms, chest, etc. It shouldn't take much. But even should that not pan out, I have scrap styrene, HIPS, HDPE, ABS, PVC, various acrylics and polycarbonates... Plus there is usually a plastics supplier or signmaker near most people who have plenty of scrap if one wants to help them get rid of some of their trash. *heh* And I can only speak for me, but if someone on here found themselves short of scrap plastic to use for this, I'd gladly send them some that I would otherwise eventually throw out. *shrug*
  13. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    They also had the split front and back. Yeah, vacu-forming can only handle so much undercut before the formed piece binds to the buck. Check out Tony's build thread. It's the gold standard for early-gen ANOVOS FOTK kit assessment. This is looking to have much, much less that needs to be done to get things to line up and cooperate. I love the clear cut lines (not that many will need to be used, as they're doing all the trimming on the pre-order batch before shipping). But since no one makes these out of the proprietary rubbery material used in the films, they can't cast the entire yoke as one piece. I'm not disappointed, as I was expecting this. I figure some of the behind-the-scenes stuff ANOVOS was dealing with was trying to find someway to eliminate that join. It'll always be a weak point, regardless of how well it's reinforced and blended. I've got a set of Tony's shoulder braces, and plan to reinforce the return edge to minimize flexing specifically within that one square inch. And even then I'm grateful I'm doing a Cardinal, as I'll have the cape to hide any inevitable wear and stress in that location.
  14. Peregrinus

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Here, I got this. Tony, especially, since you delved so hard during your Beta build (or was it Alpha?), I want your evaluation of improvements. I see many, but my eye isn't as practiced as yours... New chest: Is this the new underchest? New back: New forearm and forearm box: Part of the new bicep -- looks like they got the "steps" much better: New spat? Pulled as one piece? New groin: New butt: New kidney: New knee: Pretty sure this is a thigh: And I feel like this is the inside piece for the bicep:
  15. Peregrinus

    Thoughts on the magma trooper?

    Fair. But until recently I hadn't been active on here since 2008, so it's new to me. And a lot of it was to get the facts out there wherever anyone is going along under bad data, I admit. Not saying don't do a red 'Trooper -- just wanting it called what it is. Thanks for the advice. I'll point out I never would have gotten it if I hadn't posted my rant in a dead thread...