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  1. Curious to hear how the panel went today? Did anyone ask Anovos a question?
  2. I DEFINITELY want to be 501st approved. Its been a goal of mine ever since I started doing research, seeing you guys in the community (shoutout to 501ner), started working my other star wars costumes, and going to cons. I sincerely hope that when our kits do finally arrive that you all will share exactly the mods needed to make the anovos kit 501st approvable.
  3. Are you serious???? Anovos has the moxie to hold a panel at CELEBRATION?????? People are going to rip them to shreds.......I mean I have been waiting (like most of you since 2016 for this kit, and I have been waiting for other star wars items to ship as well) I keep the faith but its tough. I hope you guys record the panel or post highlights to this thread. I'll be all waiting to hear what happens. I see they have a booth but they are not listed as an event/panel according to the celebration schedule I see.
  4. Misery loves company....... I am waiting on two items - Kylo Ren Helmet and FOTK kit. Last update I was given on the Kylo was Winter 2020. The FOTK I am eagerly awaiting any news like everyone else on this thread. I joined the Anovos FOTK FB group as well. At least one person received the kit.
  6. Speaking of the F-11D kits.... Has anyone posted a painting tutorial for the ANOVOS F-11D kit? I have had one for about a year now and the instructions only detail how to assemble the gun. If my memory serves it didn't even say what kind of glue to use. It definitely does not describe/provide instructions on how to paint it. Any threads up here with a walkthrough????
  7. Apologies if this has been stated already but have basic approval guidelines ever changed for armors? Does the CRL base anything on behind the scenes set pics like the ones posted in this thread? Or strictly based on what's on screen? Do the KB or Jimmi kits have seamless back/yoke?
  8. OMG - an actual update!!!! So if I am reading between the lines of the email is it safe to assume that if you're NOT in the first shipment wave then you won't get your kit until after Celebration? Chinese New Year starts on Monday and they mentioned a 2 month delay because of it.
  9. While we're still waiting for our shipments, I figure I'd go ahead and wish all of you patient folks a Happy New Year as well!!
  10. I haven't heard a single peep........still waiting for any kind of update.
  11. i had to re-read bear0902 post again as well........I can only hope that when (not if) the armor ships that its before EP 9 at this point
  12. Did anyone in this thread talk to Anovos at SDCC? I am sure it was the same non-answer answer but I was just curious......
  13. I ordered Sept 2016 - For almost two years now my wife tells me that Anovos has scammed me out of $$$$ and I keep telling her "they're gonna ship they're gonna ship!" ;P
  14. I just got my email from Anovos too!!!!! Finally, some progress and actual shipping update!!! Truthfully though they should've thrown in free shipping for folks who have waited this long......
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