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  1. True its a theme done countless times before, but what matters here is the presentation. Cameron executes beautifully and hits the right archetypal buttons of good vs. evil, underdog vs. the bully, etc... Not sure if treason was committed as I don't recall any oath sworn, unless made to a corporate entity where its violation would be morally justified.
  2. Wha? Where da ono grindz brah? Did you win?
  3. You had me at 'flexible'. Title said it all.
  4. Actually it was my second and in all likelihood, my last. I knew what to expect but took one for the Legion.
  5. TD2802

    Weekend plans

    Chaperoning another one of my daughters' sleepovers (ugh!) then off to the airport to pick up my brother. Some bro time over brews then bbq on Sunday.
  6. Great pics! Fitting location too using a symbol and monument of one earth's oldest empires.
  7. I saw a TK suit on tour in Tokyo in '78 when I was about 13 (yeah, I'm a fossil!) when the film was being promoted in Japan. Hard to get a good look because of the crowds but was really impressed. Too bad I didn't have a camera at the time.
  8. I have to say both have elements of space opera in them running the gamut of character flaws, tragedy, heroism, yadda yadda yadda... Ultimately in my view, it all depends on how the plot is developed and if the dialog is credible in the screenplay. Cooler costumes don't necessarily make a movie franchise better if the acting or dialog sucks. Haven't seen the new ST yet but word on the geekvine is that it does deliver both trekkies and trekkie-loving SW fans their fix.
  9. TD2802

    Can you believe?

    Here's a post - for the helluva it.
  10. Let me add my congrats too here! And as an additional father- to- father tip, now's a good time to start a college trust fund - seriously.
  11. Going sandy is always good. Be sure to check in with your MEPD bros when getting your kit together.
  12. You're correct Tony- that's my expression for stage 1 hypothermia!
  13. I actually thought it was more brutal than marching in summer heat. Oh well, they don't call it the 'All Fools Parade' for nothing, and the cops loved us too.
  14. Glad to hear you had a good visit. I remember after living close to 12 years in Japan myself, getting readjusted to some aspects of US culture took some getting used to again.
  15. That's a very clever mod and a lot tighter result than hot gluing it.
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