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  1. When I am working with someone I haven't before, or someone that I haven't worked with in a while, they usually are like "Oh, you're that Star Wars guy!"
  2. Welcome! I love visiting England, and can't wait to again after this mess is over! Good luck with the build!
  3. Welcome! Lots of great knowledge and help to be found here! All the hard work and studying will be worth it in the end!
  4. I've been printing for a while as well, and haven't seen that happen before! First time for anything I guess!
  5. welcome! Its a pretty nice kit to get started with!
  6. Welcome! I did the same thing, and built a Vader as my first costume too.
  7. Welcome to the legion! Lots of great height challenged troopers here!
  8. Hey Dave! Welcome! I grew up in Atascadero, but am on the other side of the country in Florida now!
  9. Thanks all. I am in Racine until this summer when I will be moving to Kenosha.
  10. Hi. My name is Gregg and I live in Wisconsin. I just got my TK armor a week or so ago, and while it's still sitting in the box, I am looking forward to getting it together. I already have a TC and a Vader costume, and figured it was past time to finally get the costume that started it all for me. Looking forward to chatting with you all here. Thanks!
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