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  1. LOL, I would guess you are in the latter group?? That is a perfect response too, for approval I would opt for the rubber, but if option to wear something else during trooping, I can definitely swing that. I would even try to tough it out with the proper attire first.
  2. Ok, so.. been wondering. Rubber gloves and those with normally sweaty hands, how does that work out for you?? When I need to wear nitrile gloves even for a few minutes I end up with a lot of captured sweat. Seems if I build out a TK, I would not be a fan of the rubber gloves. Yet maybe there is something magical about rubber vs nitrile gloves? (Not holding breath waiting to hear the answer to this one. )
  3. LOL, yeah, OCD has its own name on the SLD... OVD. Obsessive Vader Disorder. I have been suffering that big time as I have done a plethora of iterations in my chestbox modeling and still have more to do... it is a slippery slope indeed. I really appreciate the insight and be assured if I do go down this path, I will be every bit as focused on building a proper TK no matter which version I choose. Wait, did I just read a jedi teaching?? Say it ain't so!! So is there a correlation on fewer ROTJ TKs and difficulty of acquiring parts to ROTJ TK? And for curiosity, what is the most popular TK around?
  4. Greetings all. I am almost finished building an ROTJ Vader (build thread on the SLD) and poking at the idea of an OTTK standing alongside him since I do not expect there to be much if any trooping for some time. Not sure I will take it anywhere yet but thinking about it and wanted to say hello. In the meantime, here is a quick pic of my WIP Vader. I built the mannequin, belt boxes and the chest box (not pictured). The rest of the parts were purchased and the Black Series helmet is a stand in until my real helmet/armor arrives (another week or less!).
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