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  1. I think around 4.5 lbs. Really solid and great to hold. Makes me feel like a stormtrooper for sure!
  2. Look at what showed up! A fully painted/built @fieldmarshall e-11! This has seriously just become my best Star Wars collectable I own. My family is getting tired of me running around the house saying 'Pew Pew' Thanks so much to Chris for all the effort and dedication in reproducing such an amazing prop. Now I just need to get my armor done.... More pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/xmPMKSZ
  3. Just wanted to add a post for how awesome this little bugger is!! It was inexpensive to build, great satisfaction by having it work as expected, and all the various options you can set for comm clicks/etc, voice changing and up to 12 phrases and or other functions (vol Up/Down, PTT, etc) to 6 buttons (3 per hand). Seriously a cool solution and really appreciate this being open source and available to anyone to build.
  4. Agreed. I have hot glue on the nack of the button board and will be mounting that to some elastic on the fingers and planning on wrist strap to also help relieve pressure. Even if that all fails i would still have my mic. Thanks for calling it out as I could have easily missed it.
  5. Got my comms working. The TK Talkie is really awesome. It is also very powerful to have both mic and up to 12 actions/sounds from 2 control gloves of 3 buttons each. I even designed my own box for the electronics since I wanted to have all the connections on one side.
  6. information overload and fear of making a mistake has set in. So I decided to give some attention to comms and working on building a TK Talkie. After some mistakes were made, I think I have it understood, so going to build another clean one today.
  7. That is worse than yelling. I will be following your build to see how you progress. Still getting my feet under me before I make a fitting cut with mine...
  8. I have not come across that one. Reading now, thanks!
  9. I think I am ready to make my first adjustment cut and want to clarify any reduction should be equal so one half isn’t ‘off balance’. In the pic below the closest center mark (short line) is where I believe my edges should be for adding the cover strips. My thought is to cut only 50% of the extra at this point so I can do another fit test. Does that sound about right or any last advice before there is no turning back?
  10. Thanks for the link. After reviewing that, here is where I am at with the teeth.
  11. It has arrived!! And man, I was expecting to be overwhelmed but I still was not prepared. While I sorted things out and ‘tried on’ a few pieces, I mainly spent the rest of the day being intimidated by it. Today however I have started to cut my teeth on my bucket, both figuratively and literally. I have cut out the middle two so far and wondering if that is good or if additional sanding is required to lessen the edges. Thoughts?
  12. I received my package of Tandy Line 24 snaps today and they are an 'antique nickel plate' which looked good in the picture, yet IRL they appear to be quite dark and expect as long as they are hidden or painted, no harm no foul. Yet for those are need to be shown unpainted, I am guessing I will need the 'nickel plate' version for those... True? What I thought I was getting What I received What I think I need
  13. Off topic yet still Star Wars related, here I am in my daily Pandemic Work Attire
  14. I love that picture, I have the Tandy Line 24 snaps on order along with magnets, tape, scissors and other stuff to get this party started. I will get the strapping ordered next. Appreciate the input.
  15. Darth is a great costume! And I have pulled the trigger and awaiting my BBB day! I have started a build thread here and so you all can enjoy the newbie making a bunch of rookie mistakes! Looking forward to being one among the many troopers.
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