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  1. Hey guys, I'm officially a first order stormtrooper! I just got approved and honestly I'm so glad to start a journey within the 501st. Looking forward to meet new friends and companions in the 501st! This is TK-77731 reporting in from theCalifornia Garrison. Thanks, Sebastian
  2. Hello brother, Requesting access TK-77731 Force awakens First Order Stormtrooper California Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32225
  3. Hello guys! I'm looking for a FOTK undersuit for sale. I'm 5'8 and weigh 155 Ib.
  4. Hey guys so I got great new! I just completed my FOTK armor and the last thing I need is a blaster unfortunately. Does anyone have a F11d blaster that they're selling?
  5. Will they keep business going even if its after the 21st?
  6. Will they keep business going even if its after the 21st?
  7. Hey guys I need help looking for some tk boots for my FO stormtrooper armor. Are these ones approved?
  8. Is there anywhere else I can buy size 10 FO boots?
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for FOTK boots. Where is the best place to get the boots 5o complete my FOTK armor. I'm a size 10 btw
  10. Hey guys my name is sebastian and can't wait to join the 501st in the future. I just recently got my FOTK armor and all I need is my helmet and boots unfortunately lol. However, I'm still not giving up my process on joining the 501st. Just wanna say hello and can't wait to meet great people within this community. I live in Orange County, California btw lol.
  11. Hey guys new recruit here. I'm looking for a FOTK helmet for sale to complete my FOTK armor. Anyone know where to buy one?
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