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  1. I will get around to doing those Centurion modification, I promise, but as I got this brand new helmet kit last weekend... This build (or rather conversion as it's based on my ANH Stunt armor) will be a slower build than what some of you already saw with said armor. No daily updates this time. Nor can I promise a meme for every step of the build, but I thought it was fitting to start with one. What do I need to do? Given that I've already got the main armor built, there's only a few parts of the armor that will need to be exchanged, due to the similarity of the ANH Stunt and the ESB TK. The Helmet This one might be the most obvious when comparing the ANH Stunt to the ESB. The helmet has a black frown and uses decals as opposed to the grey frown and hand-painted details of the ANH. As I do love my ANH Stunt and am not looking to replace it, I had to get myself a second helmet kit. This one is an RS kit to match my armor, but I ordered the decals from Trooperbay, because I heard good things about those. Haven't heard anything about whether they fit an RS helmet so far, but I think that won't be a problem. The Canvas Belt and Holster The ANH holster is attached to the canvas belt on the left side via Chicago Screws. The ESB holster is held up by two loops on the right side -- on a canvas belt without holes from potential chicago crews. This means that I need to replace the canvas belt and the holster. As I had a bit of time and access to a sewing machine last weekend, I already took care of the canvas belt (mostly, at least, pictures to follow), but I still haven't done anything about the holster. As this build isn't urgent, I've considered asking a friend if he could do me the favor of sewing one for me. An additional problem is, that as of now, my ANH canvas belt is attached to the ABS ammo belt with rivets. I'll have to remove those and replace them with press studs, so that I can remove the canvas belt at any time. One thing that I've seen happen to other troopers is the ammo belt popping loose, so that might be an additional problem in the future. The Handguards and Gloves Lastly, I'll have to exchange my ANH rubber gloves with latex handguards for the ABS clamshells over rubber gloves. As said clamshells don't fit over the latex plates, I'll have to buy new rubber gloves. The ESB handguards were included by RS in my initial armor kit, so I've already got those ready to go. The E-11 As I'm currently only aiming for a Centurion level armor and not the Centurion badge itself, I'll just continue running around with my ANH E-11 for now. Not accurate, but on troops nobody will notice. Basic approval is possible without a weapon (as I've already seen during my initial approval with the ANH Stunt), so an E-11 is a problem for the future. Still, I've been considering building a 3D-printed E-11 in the future, so I'd probably build that one as an ESB E-11 when I get to it. So much as for what I've planned so far, if you notice anything missing, something that could be improved or anything along those lines, please let me know. I love getting feedback!
  2. Thanks, Caleb, I appreciate the shout-out. Glad you like the meme! (And as if there was any way I was gonna skip over this thread when making memes about the FISD.)
  3. [10] 10/04/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Dortmund Going for my fourth concert troop, I once more got to enjoy an amazing first half with my fellow troopers, changed into armor and then waited for half an eternity for our cue to enter the stage once more. This time there were few to no silly pictures and instead we got a pretty cool group picture -- although getting all of us up the stairs was a bit of a challenge, so Vader, the Emporer and their guards took the elevator. After I got warned that I should not pull any crazy stunts like... I don't know, running up the stairs or dancing too much, the Emporer and I took the opportunity to dance a little to the echoing music in the waiting area before once more entering the stage to the awed faced of the audience. My favourite moment of the troop came afterwards whilst taking pictures with the visitors, as an old lady came up to me and a fellow TK, asked us if she could take a picture with us, before condifing that this was a dream of hers come true. Before leaving us once more, she told us, that she wanted that picture put into her grave. Honestly, that moment touched me, and I don't think I'll forget that lady and her sweet smile for a very long time. TK-66744 signing off
  4. Always two there are, no more, no less. That being said, here's busy weekend number two. [9] 08/04/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Düsseldorf Once more we got to give this concert an imperial touch by appearing at the Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Concert, this time in Düsseldorf. Travelling together with TK-71384, we joined the German White Shadows for a showing of the first concert half, before using the break and second half to change into our costumes and take silly pictures together. Upon entering the stage, our TKs had a short problem with direction, startling a few laughs out of concert goers, when some had to go back and walk a different route. After the concert we got to take pictures with the visitors, which, after the slight TK mishap earlier, turned into a lot more silly positions and bunny ears than expected from a concert. Ending the troop with a group picture and a race up the stairs to the changing room between me and TX-75555 (I won and I'm not too sure if I ever want to sprint up three flights of stairs in armor ever again), TK-71384 and I finally arrived back at my place at about two am. No photo from our race up the stairs, sadly. I'm starting to think that the best things are never captured on camera, so I'll have to add it to the list of "only eye-witnesses will ever believe it happened" right underneath laying down in armor TK-66744 signing off
  5. Welcome to the FISD, Vanessa! I wish you a speedy approval and lots of fun with your new white plastic
  6. Viel Erfolg und gute Besserung! Good luck and get well soon!
  7. Thanks for all the EIB feedback, the congratulations and the advice regarding Centurion! There's a few things on my to-do list now and I hope to get around to them soon enough. As I've got a few busy weekends ahead of me, I'm not too sure when I'll be able to start working on the requested modifications, but I'm sure there'll be an update on here soon enough EDIT: I just noticed I forgot to add "Memes" to the list above... shame on me, those are my most important achievement
  8. Luca Hahn 66744 EIB A4 Joseph Thanks guys! Our pleasure.. see you at Centurion soon! https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/66744-eib.png
  9. [7]Power of the Force Cologne Saturday Starting the day off strong with an imperial welcome, the halls filled up very quickly. With an overwhelming Mandalorian presence due to Emily Swallow as a guest star, our Imperial Forces did their best to promote peace, justice, freedom and security for the convention. We escorted guest stars, arrested rebels and patrolled the grounds. Having constructed the Throne Room the previous afternoon, we took turns guarding it and letting people take pictures on it, whilst simultaneously keeping watch over the con. It was also an opportunity to meet, re-meet and make many friends and provided us with an opportunity to take a very special picture of the (to my knowledge) currently youngest members of the German Garrison (me), Dutch Garrison (TI-75208) and Swiss Garrison (ID-19551). picture to follow as soon as we can find it [8]Power of the Force Cologne Sunday On Sunday, there were fewer visitors, but not less of an imperial presence. We managed to (almost) arrest a clone defector, took over the Throne Room, got caught by His Imperial Majesty and after miraculously being let go, we returned to patrolling the grounds. Our Captain ID-56347 helped us document our activities by not only leading our patrol to our escorts, but by taking holopictures of our activities. Included is one of my personal highlights with TK-71384, TK-14469, TK-10868 and TK-91917. TK-66744 signing off
  10. Thanks everybody, I'm honored to join the ranks! Regarding Centurion Modifications Ahhh, I see what you're talking about. I'll try my luck with a brush first, as my hands have gotten more steady with a paint-brush since that first attempt and it would be closer to what I want the bucket to look like: hand painted with a brush Would you believe me, if I said this was already one of the twenty items still on my to-do list? It's now been moved up in the prioritizing. 15-20 Minutes sounds a bit ambitious, as I would prefer to not only cut them, but afterwards reform the return edges as well. If someone could provide me with a reference photo for a side-view, I would be grateful, as that would be an enormous help with shaping and cutting the thighs. I'll keep in touch throughout my steps, so I'm looking forward to any feedback offered Removing those rivets without damaging them will be impossible, I fear, due to my inexperience with rivets having already damaged them. I assume just gluing the head of the rivet into the correct position wouldn't be acceptable, even if the outside appearance matches the original armor looks? Filling and sanding won't be a problem, I do love my ABS paste. I'm looking forward to the next steps, thanks for the feedback, Joseph (and team)!
  11. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    My recommendation: just pick it up, don't drop further into a push-up position (looking at you, TK-71384)
  12. Thank you, brother! Oh no, you just had to ask whilst my tailor was on vacation, didn't you? Maybe we can see past them on the basis that those wrinkles are clearly because of the awkward position of my arms? Ah, no worries, after so many memes about all of you (and a few answering memes in return) I'm quite confident in saying that you lot do have a sense of humor -- and a quite good one as well I'll be waiting for your review, thanks, Joseph!
  13. So, today worked out spectacularly, so here's the updates: A little more than 10 seconds, but here's the freshly painted vocoder Yes, not the best background for these types of pictures, but if I wanted this done today, this background was my only choice. Drop boxes sit nicely, the rest hopefully does too. Hope this is all, I'm looking forward to your feedback
  14. Do you have access to an extra rivet? When I built my armor, RS had supplied an extra for cases like this (which I did need). Maybe you could contact RS and ask them for a replacement, they usually have a pretty accommodating customer service. Good luck!
  15. Very interesting, thanks for the background info -- I had no clue where those pictures came from, only that they looked legit, that a DO said that the counter is angled and that in a later comment on the thread it was said that both versions should pass for EIB/Centurion. Gotta keep an eye out if I can spot this on screen as well. As my counter is currently easily turned a few millimeters to either direction I've got no problems submitting an additional picture with the counter parallel to the main body, in order to cut down on those wait times Thanks for your feedback, sir, it's always a joy learning more about these fascinating costumes
  16. Now this is a comment, I've been expecting, given the fact that this alignment is very unusual and based on something Joseph pointed out here recently. It is, apparently, more canon than not having it twisted. EDIT: "Placement of the counter is ideally mounted slightly above the folding stock rail with the rear lined up above the stock bolt as seen below. As seen in the last 3 images below, the counter is angled and follows the contour of the folding stock." Still, here's a picture with the counter in the more common alignment, just for you, Glen. I will be turning it back into the twisted position as soon as possible tho The one time that that dropbox is not aligned... Oh well, thanks for pointing it out! I'll take that right side photo as soon as I find the time for a suit up. Do I need to retake the entire full body shot, or is a more detail focused picture enough? Because for a full-body I'd have to wait until the weekend, given that I've got no-one around who could help me suit up before my troop this weekend, detail I could get done on my own this evening. Regarding the vocoder it appears to me, as if putting more paint on top of the two right ones would make it less symmetrical, but I'll give it another look when I'm broadening that one stroke. Again, thanks for the feedback, I very much appreciate it! Thank you so much, sir! That sniper plate was, after all, the reason I joined the FISD and started a build thread, so I'm glad to see it turned out as well and better than I was expecting. Thanks, bro! Haha, and now it's even been revealed why my memes have been focusing on the DOs and higher level stuff so often lately If there's anything else missing/needing another suit up, please point it out to me, otherwise I'll try to get those pictures to you as soon as possible.
  17. My EIB Application is out there, so here's the last things that I did before applying. Or, more accurately, that T-Jay did before my application. Thanks for another amazing day, the pictures, the help and, of course, my E-11. It's a thing of beauty and I love it very much Handguards If you're at all familiar with my last few pictures of me in armor, you'll have noticed one distinguishing detail especially: yellowed hand guards. As we were looking over the armor parts and I was showing off my handcuffs, we spontaneously decided to use some of Tino's white paint and give the handguards a more fitting look for a TK. E-11 An awesome Troopacoola kit, built by T-Jay with his vast knowledge on everything E-11? You know it's gonna be amazing Thank you so much, Tino, for all your work and effort, for the personalization and the feedback. The entire time I'm wiring this, I'm just sneaking glances at the blaster in front of me
  18. Mandatory Information Armor = RS Kit Helmet= RS Kit Blaster= Troopacoola Kit, assembled by T-Jay Optional Height = 177cm Weight = 55kg Boots = Imperial Boots Canvas belt = RS Hand Plates = RS Neck Seal = RS Holster = Darman Full Body Armor Details Helmet Details Accessories Blaster Details If any pictures are missing, please let me know. Thanks for your consideration!
  19. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    I'm looking forward to my own application
  20. I'm looking forward to my application as well Even if I'm a bit nervous i'm the second stormtrooper from the right Yeah, that concert was a blast -- standing on the stage with the Imperial March being played by an orchestra behind you? I had goosebumps. If everything goes according to plan, I'll get to attend two other Sound of Concerts during April and I'm very much looking forward to it! Hopefully you'll get to attend one of your own in the future
  21. Thanks for the info, Glen, but given the fact that I have no-one to take pictures with and no pictures of my up to date armor (there have been several modifications lately) that are in the typical approval poses, I'll just try my luck with applying directly, based on my pre-approval back in July/August and the feedback from several garrison members I've received since approval That being said: Thanks to everyone who's supported me to this point -- folks in my garrison who endured hours of TK Talk, the people on here with their continuous help in my build thread and especially Tino (T-Jay) who's been the best Attaché I could've asked for! Now, if anyone sees anything on this build thread or in my troop log that they think I should improve, please point it out to me! I've got tomorrow and the day after for some last minute stuff, the rest we'll see in my EIB application.
  22. I'm here with the last things that I wanted to do before my application for EIB. Looking forward to taking the pictures this weekend and hoping that there's nothing that I overlooked... To start with, I made a list of everything that I thought I could improve with my armor. I've had that list going on for a while now, but this time I went through the last ANH Stunt Centurion Applications, writing down just about anything said. Then I sorted through that list and ended up with 17 improvements that I thought I should get done before my application. The last two weekends I worked through those, so here's a few of the things that I did. Helmet Paint This was mostly a small clean-up, making sure the lines were sharper. Perhaps not the biggest change, but Vocoder lines seem to be something that gets pointed out fairly often. ABS Belt If you've ever looked at the ABS belt, you know that the corners have to be cut at 45° and have to meet the fabric. I'd cut a little too much in my initial build, so I used this opportunity to change that. I don't have a picture without the clamp right now, but I can assure you that it looks a lot better now. Bicep Cover Strip Feel free to continue with the level 4 jokes on this one, but I reglued several cover strips. When I build this armor last summer I didn't always work as cleanly as I'd have liked me to, looking back. I hadn't been a FISD member then, the bicep especially were my first cover strips... It was good, but it wasn't pretty. So this was something that I did purely for myself: removing some of the cover strips (partway or fully and not only at the bicep), cleaning up the glue and regluing it. Honestly? I love the result. It looks tidy and like armor and not like it's in the movie and about to fall apart Thermal Detonator Now, this was not something I'd expected, but upon going through past approvals and the amazing reference by Joseph, I came to the realization that I basically would have to rebuild the entire thing. One of the end caps had a gap to the metal clip, same as the ABS plate. Additionally, the black paint on the screws had all but vanished. Upon fitting both of the ABS pieces, I realized that they hadn't been cut as straight as they should have been, so I got to cut and sand the entire thing a bit. Looking pretty good now, if you asked me Other Those were just some of the 17 improvements, but they're the only ones I've got pictures of. As they're the most interesting things, I'm not too worried about skipping a detailed description of me cleaning up pencil mark or glue residue The next thing will be my approval pictures and then we'll have to see if the DO's can spot anything else that I need to improve. Otherwise I'm sure I'll stumble across more nonsensical improvements in the future in my quest for the mystical level four
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