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    And one to sum it up, before I start listing every piece of advice given
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    ... One or two? Man, I need to go back to elementary school, I could have sworn I counted more than that Thanks for all your effort, sir!
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    FISD Memes

    Honestly, I'm sure it's not just me, who's insanely grateful to everybody who's ever put up a tutorial
  4. Well, from my understanding the "outer edge" does mean "outer edge" and not "outer seam", but I could be mistaken... A possible solution would be to just cut off the ends until those 45° cuts meet the outer edge I hope this helped and I'm looking forward to the rest of your build -- hopefully we'll have another German TK joining our ranks soon
  5. Moin Nick! Love your approach to this build! If I may chime in? Since you're aiming for Centurion, the following quote from the CRL might be helpful regarding your belt: The corners of the plastic ammo belt shall be trimmed at a 45 degree angle that that meets the outer edge of the cloth belt.
  6. [5] 05/03/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Munich, Saturday Evening Performance Having a trip to Munich for a visit with TI-28112 planned for this weekend, we decided to use this opportunity to not only work on his TK armor, but to also troop together for the first time since Comic Con Stuttgart. Said troop was a concert with Hans Zimmer and John Williams music, which contained the Imperial March as the last song, during which we marched onto the stage. This troop was special in many ways, as it was my first concert troop, my first troop with Germany's South Eastern Squad and SL-93820's first ever troop. I also got to properly meet TK-14469 for the first time, which was something we'd both been looking forward to since we first got in contact. [6] 06/03/2022 -- Sound of Hans Zimmer and John Williams Munich, Sunday Evening Performance Going for two out of five performances in Munich that weekend, we were fewer TKs this time, but with another guest from further away -- TK-71384 happened to be nearby and joined us not only for an informal photoshoot that afternoon in both her TK and her new TX, but also for the concert that evening. Being one out of two TKs who had done this event previously, I got to lead the troopers onto the left side of the stage (right side of the picture). As done the previous evening, we afterwards assembled in the foyer, so the guests could take pictures with us, before a hasty suit-down, due to strict time constraints. That night I only got four hours of sleep before traveling back for about eleven hours, but it was very much worth it. TK-66744 signing off
  7. [X] 26/02/2022 -- Phaeno Wolfsburg As our originally planned troop was cancelled due to the corona, TK-71384 had the idea to ask the Phaeno Wolfsburg if we could visit them in armor instead. The Phaeno (an experimental science museum) was enthusiastic about this and not only agreed but even gave us a changing room on such short notice (less than 24 hours). Despite remaining an unofficial troop we had lots of fun, with this being TB-70815's first troop since joining the 501st with his home-made Mandalorian Biker Scout and a TK recruit's first ever troop in armor. His 501st basic approval pictures were taken that evening and we're all hoping for a speedy approval. The visitors greatly enjoyed our presence and we hope to get an official troop at the Phaeno organised soon. Until then we've already got several other troops with each other planned. TK-66744 signing off
  8. Now that's a really nice text that I wasn't actually expecting, thank you so much! Also, it's a nice confidence boost regarding my future application Well, if you're coming to Germany for Speyer or a similar event, chances are quite good that we'd parade together, so fingers crossed. Not sure when I'll get around to trooping internationally myself, haha
  9. Thank you very much, Tino! Of course you'd know best (aside from myself) how much love went into this suit -- at least two messages a week regarding this white plastic over the course of half a year might have given you some idea Ohhh, I'm very much looking forward to it. After all, I need a lvl 4 blaster for lvl 4 armor Soooo... If this is all the feedback and improvement you guys have to offer on here, I'm looking forward to receiving my Centurion certificate with a "nothing to add" for armor improvements... or to some lengthy comments about small details (best before I apply) Actually, my goal was to only get Centurion without any DO remarks regarding further improvement (not that that would stop me from small improvements, haha) but now that you're basically challenging me, I might need to re-think my stance regarding the first lvl 4 approval
  10. I'm back at it -- at least with posting. I never really stopped finding small stuff that I could do in order to improve the smallest of details. Shout-out to all who endured months of messages and updates, and especially to the one person, who asked me if I was aiming for lvl 4 Weathering I did add a bit of weathering! Either by taking black rubber and making streaks on my armor with it, by using soaked newspaper to darken a few parts, or simply by wearing it and watching the weathering appear. I love it! It adds a sense of realism, especially when we look at the black marks all over the screen used armors. Trooper Box My trooper box got a bit of decoration. The overall appearance was heavily inspired by Tino's (T-Jay) Stanley: Still, I gave it a bit of my own twist and made it a little less fancy. Additional Upgrades Here we've had a few changes. The first was a slide-system to help keep the top of the ab- and kidney-plate aligned, after the kidney slipped down during a troop back in November, causing the butt plate to flare out. Additionally, this caused the armor to fit my thinner frame better, as it held everything better in place that the lose strapping could. Once again, thank you to Tino for helping me figure out a solution, I owe you some chocolate or something The second was me putting extra strapping around the buttplate, which helps pull it in more. Due to me being a bit too thin for my armor, you could often see the inside of the buttplate before this change. Now it's snug and form-fitting. The third change is a bit absurd to most, I believe, but it fixed something that annoyed me on most pictures of me in armor so far: the small gap at the top of my thigh. Due to me accidentally angling the cuts at the top, there's always been a small gap there, which doesn't really fit the overall design of a TK, in my opinion. Since I was already working with ABS paste, I decided to go ahead and fill that gap. Next improvement was fixing the back of the shins. As you can see in the picture below, the shins used to not align properly in the back -- partly because RS shins just have a weird shape, and probably also, because I didn't align the two parts properly, I believe. This fix was a bit more difficult and I'm still not 100% happy with it. I'll just wait until I've trooped in it, to see how well it holds now and if I need another approach. The last change that I can think of right now was moving the S-trim around the helmet, so there's no longer a small gap at the back of the helmet. Whilst I was at it, I also gave my helmet a bit of a paint touch-up Ohhh, and Biggi (Swoby) gifted me some very cool hand cuffs for Christmas! Whilst I'm sure there's been a few other things, these are all that I can think of right now. As the trooping season starts back up in Germany, I'm planning on doing an ESB conversion, so that's where I'll probably start a build thread soon. Towards Spring/Summer I'm planning on applying for EIB and possibly Centurion with this armor. Additionally, I've been helping out a few TKs in my Garrison, which has been really fun -- hopefully I can convince them to try for EIB as well. That's all from my side so far, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to feedback!
  11. Glad I could be of help! I'll make sure to talk with some fellow younglings about this, see how we could get more interest in this forum and the higher levels. First thing though? Get on social media -- like Instagram or even TikTok, if you want to be adventurous. Interact with the people on there, share interesting information about the FISD, about EIB and Centurion. That'll probably be the easiest step and the best way to get the younger generation involved. If this means more DPROs or Attachés that might be something worth thinking about Oh -- and avoiding such statements as "younger people are entitled" may help to get the younger people past "older people are so boring, so there's no need to interact with them on the FISD"
  12. So, I'm not Centurion (yet), but I thought I should chime in with my own observations as an 18-year old that frequently interacts with the U30 folks that I've met so far. And I can't really support this thesis. I've talked for hours with others my age or a bit older and whether they had a commission build, an old armor from another member or a self built armor, they were enthusiastic about improving their armor. "You can show me how to do this padding? Awesome!", "Could you help me fix this alignment?", "What do you think about reducing this gap?"... Today alone I had three talks with four others -- one 17yo aspiring 501st member, a 20yo that I'm helping get his armor approved, one 27yo TK and another who ordered his kit as we were speaking...! All of them interested in the higher levels, in taking their armor a step further. None of them active in this forum. Same thing with a Centurion TK (26yo, I believe) that I know. So why are they not applying/active? Certainly not entitlement or laziness. After all, I've spend hours working with them on armor or talking about it. You know, I actually asked them why they weren't active on here. This forum simply isn't very interesting to them. Okay, so there's been memes now that they certainly enjoy when I share them on Instagram, but aside from that this forum offers few things that they couldn't find out locally, or via talking to people on Instagram, in person or the local forum. They refer to this forum if they need to know something but otherwise don't interact with it, not posting a welcome post, because why write one if you're never gonna interact with them again? Therefore they don't get the link talking about lvl 2 and 3. I've actually had a few be surprised at it -- and then not research it themselves but work with me and other Garrison members on improving those details. Actually applying for lvl 2/3 wouldn't offer them anything that they don't already have though, aside from a certificate, so they're just happy with their improved armor. And what's the solution? Honestly? Reach out to the younger generation and get us interested. The FISD Instagram account is quite inactive, the forum doesn't offer many opportunities to interact in a way that they can't already in their garrison and lvl 2/3 have no incentive aside from better accuracy (which one can achieve without applying for them). Just my two cents as an 18yo
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    FISD Memes

    As the resident expert regarding relationships, with exactly zero experience, I'd suggest you communicate and win an ally in your quest for ultimate nerd-y-ness
  14. Hello and welcome to FISD! I can't speak for AM and AP, but I can tell you that the RS armor is screen accurate with all the flaws. If you truly want a screen accurate armor without a big blob of paint on the helmet, that might not be the best choice for you Good luck on your journey and keep asking questions!
  15. I've had this happen to me. Didn't clamp the snap, took care not to get E6000 on the metal... Must have missed something and now got a nice, snap-shaped imprint on one piece of armor Thankfully it isn't very noticeable, unless the lighting hits just right or you see it up close in person Not the best quality picture, but you can spot the slighter brighter (and raised, ouch) half-moon circle. Yay for heat-reactions and heat-bending...
  16. Hello Biggi! Glad to see you on here as well, I was looking forward to this day I'm sure others would be interested in those, they're pretty awesome Looking forward to our shared troops this year and beyond. Until then, welcome to the FISD LG, Luca
  17. [4] 18/12/2021 -- Lichterfahrt Hildesheim As a last troop for the year, I participated in the Lichterfahrt und Carshow Hildesheim, a light parade throughout the city for around three hours. As with the CCon Stuttgart, I met up with TK-71384 so we could travel together -- and have a photoshoot done before the troop. Once more we showed some imperial presence, got to see eyes light up as we drove past with salutes and the Imperial Marsh or dancing along to the Cantina Band. All in all a very cold and very cool event and I'd love to participate again next year, even if I've undoubtedly caught a cold. TK-66744 signining off
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