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  1. Guillermo Chicón 22021 A4 Sha Sha Thank you! https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22021-centurion.png
  2. I may or may not have jumped up and down in my room for a bit... Thanks a lot! I'll be sure to make the Legion proud. Long live the Empire!
  3. First of all, thanks for your concern. As I was writing a response, trying to figure out what was happening (since I thought I could see quite well) I realized that since taking those first photos I have added some electronics to the inside of the helmet, which made me change the padding setup. As you can see (sorry for the quick crappy photo lol), it sits much better now. Most of the padding is on the brow and cheeks, which makes for great visibility, or as great as it can be, as well as hanging much lower.
  4. Hello again! And again, mostl dressing issues... I think I may have been wearing the armour wrong all along; I found that by wearing the body pieces just a bit higher, everything falls into place better, incluiding the infamous ab/kidney gap. The shoulder bells were an easy fix as expected: I simply shortened the straps a bit. And lastly, the gaps in the back of the thighs were filled with repair putty and painted over. I hope this is it
  5. Guillermo Chicón 22021 A4 Sha Sha Thanks! https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22021-eib.png
  6. Trooper Info: Forum name: Starkiller_2021 Legion ID: 22021 Garrison: Spanish Garrison Mandatory Information: ___ Armor Maker: Armour Factory Props ___ Helmet Maker: Armour Factory Props ___ Blaster Maker: Armour Factory Props Optional information: ___ Full name: Guillermo Chicón Lorente ___ Height/weight: 1,82 m/85 kg ___ Boot maker: Armour Factory Props ___ Canvas belt supplier: Armour Factory Props ___ Hand guard supplier: Armour Factory Props ___ Holster maker: Armour Factory Props EIB Approval Full Body 1. ___ Front (Arms flat by side, no weapon) 2. ___ Back (Arms flat by side) 3. ___ Left side (Arms raised) 4. ___ Right side (Arms raised) 5. ___ Left side detail (arms raised) 6. ___ Right side detail (arms raised) Armor Details 7. ___ Cod and posterior plate connections showing rivet/snaps (exterior) 8. ___ Shoulder bridges- Front/rear/sides 9. ___ Thigh ammo pack connections (interior and exterior, left and right sides) 10. ___ Sniper knee plate (left and right sides) 11. ___ Wrist openings 12. ___ Abdomen button plates (close-up) 13. ___ Posterior plate/kidney connection (back and/or front) Helmet Details 14. ___ Front 15. ___ Left side 16. ___ Right side 17. ___ Rear 18. ___ Close-up of Hovi tips 19. ___ S-trim (side view) 20. ___ Ear screws (close up, left, right and bottom). Accessories 21. ___ TD (Thermal Detonator) front and rear showing screw type 22. ___ Hand guards bent showing flexibility 23. ___ Holster attachment 24. ___ ABS/canvas belt (rear, showing drop boxes) 25. ___ Boots (tops and sides) BLASTER 26. ___ Left side 27. ___ Right side 28. ___ Rear (showing D-ring)
  7. Thanks a lot to everyone! It's an honor, you'll be hearing from me soon in the Centurion forum
  8. A couple of small improvements! I shortened the shoulder elastics to reduce gap between chest and back, and I added some black elastic to close the gaps in the butt plate
  9. Actually, now that I look at them, mine don't seem to fall from the top at all, they look quite symmetrical... they lean ever so slightly, but not nearly as much as your pictures. However, CRL makes it sound like this 'fall' is desirable, but optional, right? Fall of tube stripe tops ideally lean toward the front.
  10. Hello again, are these stickers acceptable? They look good to me, but I would like to be sure before comitting lol Thanks!
  11. UPDATE Just suited up, more carefully this time to fix the placement issues. Closed the shoulder gaps Rotated thighs to line up the leg cover strips Made sure TD and belt were straight Lined up the shoulder straps by adding Centurion-style white elastic Gaps in kidney and butt plates I added some padding in the back to straighten the kidney, lined up the tops of the ab and kidney pieces and closed the gaps a bit, however, I simply cannot get them to close any further without losing 20 lbs [emoji20] PS. Still working on the helmet, will update on it as soon as I get the decals
  12. I found one already! Question about these decals, do they need to be shiny paper/plastic, or are they regular matte adhesive paper?
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