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  1. Now that I have completed my armor and have joined the 501 I think my DLT-19 is next. I will be installing a coupling to the middle so I can break it down and adding a threaded end on the cocking handle for easier storage. My question is color....semi gloss body and gloss stock? Not sure....hasn't seen any official colors for it on the forums. Thanks TK 10545
  2. Mine is from Darkside Closet. It fits well and I have mesh so cooler. Took awhile to get but worth it!
  3. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=34464 Figured it out thanks ! Please enable.....
  4. TK-10545 reporting for duty! Approved today!
  5. Both challenging and FUN!!!! I submitted pics to Garrison Titan today!!!!! ROTJ blaster cuz it is the only one I have finished! LOL! Thank you all for the help on this adventure and I hope to troop soon! Now to the weapons locker!
  6. Hello to all, my question is on the paint details. CRL shows the bottom of the square above the gear teeth as black. The R1 paint guide says blue so.......?
  7. Thanks Brian, I did not realize how much work was involved either LOL. I can see the light at the end though! It has been both challenging and fun....
  8. Yeah. Some of the troopers on here have shared the challenges with the belt lol good luck. Have fun!
  9. I am having thoughts about the back also. I think Velcro is the way, yes it overlaps the front on the sides. I also noticed the notch for the back plate! After I get the front attached I am onto the back belt….we will see. Have fun!
  10. After lots of sanding and filler primer the boxes are ready to mount. I got some 8/32 machine bolts and JB welded them into holes I drilled in the back of each box. The longer bolts are to mount the belt to the abdomen. This is my first mock up-exciting!
  11. Here we go...belt time! Heated ABS in oven on a sheet of aluminium at 230 for about 5 min. Worked great! Still have to finish the teeth but you get the idea =)
  12. I have decided to put some " poor man " effects in this blaster. Bought a Disney blaster off eBay for twenty bucks and will work the sound and light into my build! Now back to paint ,sand ...repeat on my armor =)
  13. Yeah I was checking out the back of the drop boxes in the pic you posted above. Now I have to relieve the back so they look like what you show above. Nice!
  14. Thank you for all the help. Yes Mike used your files then tweaked them for my belt! I stopped posting to the Facebook feed. I am staying with this one though.
  15. Paint,sand,repeat!!! My brother Mike printed the boxes for my belt...Look awesome!
  16. Good to see your making some progress. Have fun!
  17. Got some time and started on the details for my kit! The 850 kit has some casting flaws I need to fix......My brother Mike has a printer and made me the parts for an awesome looking T Det thanks Mike!
  18. My cover strips are resin cast. I used a belt sander to flatten the backs so I could glue them to the abs parts. I also used needle files to clean out the groves in the front. Lots of time spent there. I'm starting on the details for the ab front and back plate now. These are also cast. I will post pics as I go. Then on to the belt and thermo detonator! Hope your having fun and good luck!
  19. OK here is my first time wearing my armor. It was an experience! I still have lots if adjustments and trimming to do. Just wanted to share. I used my ROTJ blaster for show.
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