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  1. ty. fits like a glove and being in public in it is a trip >.<
  2. My reaction to the whole interaction with my seller, and in regards to massively accelerating my timetable to do a TK.
  3. I've been watching online from various retailers and as from intense lurking here to get a feel for the field. I believe $550 for a complete unfit/trimmed/setup ANOVOS, (also skipping the ANOVOS "process and wait") is a very valid deal. I'll get to see it all in person as well before final purchase, just in case. So all in all is just a golden opportunity to do something i've wanted to do for years.
  4. Apologies for slow reply, $550, brand new untrimmed. Coming with everything overall. I'll need to get a better blaster, but i've ordered boots from ImperialBoots, and besides the assembly and quality control should be the effort bit, then good to go.
  5. As long as death doesn't result from a single hit, i'll be cool as a cucumber .
  6. Thanks for the information. Yeah being able to see it all in person before purchase is a golden opportunity. He's selling at a super great price. I was planning on waiting till later this year before having the rescources in place to start this, but the opportunity knocked and I'd be a fool not to at least see it.
  7. Afternoon, I'm in contact with someone wishing to sell essentially a full uncut set of the anovos stunt TK soft and hard parts. I jumped on it and will get to actually see it in person pre purchase, just in case. If people had to put a number on 1 (Halloween Store) and 10 (You could be in the movie), what would people in the FISD roughly gauge what kind of quality I should expect? I haven't purchased anything from ANOVOS but am fully aware of the reputation. Just trying to get familiar before I see it what to expect. I've seen some
  8. ID - 86454 Requesting access please. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31747
  9. Just arrived a week or so ago, and am lurking through threads. This looks simply amazing.
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