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  1. Aw man, thanks for comments Paul, means a lot! Like the idea of padding the inside. Feels really good to get back into the build. Hoping to start putting some arms together in the next few weeks [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Been a long time... Kept walking past my trooper gear in the basement and it seemed like every time I sat down to work on it, lo and behold, interruptions from above. But, I think the workshop is finally back in business. Celebration's got me excited and seeing all you members in those sharp 501st raceshirts has got me fired up. Anyways, back to the build. Two questions I humbly ask for assistance and advice on. First off, I feel like the forearm could be a little tighter...should I trim it down a bit to fit more snug? And if so, from what side, I want to assume not the 'flat/top' side, meaning trim the bottom of the forearm. I keep reading two fingers should fit in the gap and I definitely got a bit more than that. Secondly...bottom of the pic, the joints, should I trim them so they match up all nice and neatly? Easily could, I know from research the biceps shouldn't, but wasn't so sure on the back of forearms. The front of the forearms are nice and smooth at the joint. Let me know what you all think! I'm back in the build
  3. Thanks mate [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Paul....so that highlighted length right there is 3" approx? sorry for the continued questions, just making sure before I bend.
  5. this topic would be a lot cooler if I could spell measurement correctly
  6. Getting ready to bend some aluminum and having some difficulty figuring out the measurement on the bend. Is this distance pointed out in red where you measure from? I've also seen on builds that you measure back from the end of the length 3 inches and that's where the bend is....argh..difficult to explain Grabbed this pic from Mark's (TK 14309) recent build thread. also...this is for a TM 2mm build. 14309
  7. Got a bit more knocked out on the shoulders this weekend. Slowly but surely right? Plan on using a sanding block to smooth out some of those dremel curvy edges. Next stop, time to get these arms together.
  8. Also wanted to pose the question out there, does anyone hit the armor edges with a wet sanding at the end for a nice smooth edge? Was thinking that might be nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Feeling much better about building after this weekend. Really dug into some build threads and revisited some notes. Made me much more confident on taking the dremel to some spaceman plastic. I really feel like these biceps are good to go. Gonna hit the forearms a bit during some evenings this week. Just darn hard to find time ya know!? This bottom quad pic is the last/finished I feel, if you see anything that stands out as wrong, please feel free to let me know
  10. Ah...never mind, found this handy dandy checklist http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/21465-anh-stunt-legion-centurion-visual-checklist/ And did some thorough reading on FBJ's build. Ugh...really kinda *hurts* taking that return edge all the way down on the forearm,
  11. Quick question for you build followers. Hows this pencil line look for return edge? This is the front of the left forearm. I've been away from the build for a bit and all my notes point to no or little return on the front forearm. I'm shooting for centurion (someday). Also curious on how much more to take off the back of the bicep....this is rough, still need to smooth this out. jeez I forgot how much I hate photobucket
  12. The thread is not dead! In keeping with Imperial quotas, I've been doing my part and recently added a new citizen, albeit a very tiny one. Also, to try to fit in my trooper gear a bit better, went down to disney for the Darkside Run, quite the challenge! Saw some 501st groups down there also, some in groups of ppl running and of course what I assume the FL garrison out trooping and supporting runners. The bunker is in shipshape and trooper fabrication is once again underway. hope to have some build posts up shortly.
  13. I'm hoping to get some more work done in my workshop this weekend, that is if my latest addition to the Empire can bake a little longer
  14. Happy days...got in a bunch of work over the weekend, woohoo! So, I'm really fortunate in living in the area of a very well established killer bucket builder and this weekend we were able to get together. I can't really say enough nice things about Gaz for a beginner like myself. I attended a workshop with him at the end of last year and it was a blast. So first thing when I walked in, he was like, "Hell yeah...you gotta open those eyes up my friend!" and I commenced to dremel'n my timid attempt at the eyes. And then we moved on to hacking at those pesky ears. While I was hacking at the ears, we also started trimming the bucket and getting things lined up there, getting the brow tight and stuff like that. Those damn ears...I was so appreciative to have help on these...we must've spent a couple hours on these things. Gaz is a total perfectionist and they looked killer when we finally got 'em on. Very happy to have this part of the build done...there's nothing like having your own stormie bucket Big thanks to Gazmosis, a true gentleman!
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