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  1. So I noticed that there are imperial binders on the CRL now, does anyone know what the reference is for these? Every version I can find is the more generic one that disney released a few years back. Trying to find a few more reference pictures, before I attempt to make them.
  2. Some more pics of the helmet as it stands now after sanding and washing. The last pic gives a better idea of the patching that I had to do. Some of these spots were razor thin. I also drilled out holes where the ear caps and the oxygen mask connector pieces go. I used Ukswrath's complete audio solution in my R1TK, and ideally, I would do the same for this costume but with modified mic tips.
  3. Started working on an Iden Versio build for my wife awhile back, figured I should post about it. The JRS forum is super quiet though, so I'll post it here. So far I just have the helmet from HSP that I got a few months back. It was a B grade pull and I got it for cheap, but I have suffered for that. I had to patchup several spots that were super thin and grind down the top of the mohawk. These arent the latest pics, but I have sanded down the whole thing now.
  4. Pretty excited to see this completed, that incinerator trooper was awesome on the show!
  5. I am curious to see how HSP armour comes out, I have their helmet but 850 AW armour.
  6. I used 850 Armor Works for my TK and got approved with no issue. As several people have mentioned, Jim Tripon also makes a fibreglass kit out of the Philippines.
  7. The last two pics are from my helmet and I literally went to Michaels, grabbed some blue fabric from the clearance area, and glued it in there. Just try to get something breathable so air can get through it, if you grab wool or something, you are going to have a bad time.
  8. I am not sure if that placement is mandatory for approval, but that is how it was done from the screen captures that I saw. Having them there is also super convenient when you have to take the armour off, and they aren't very noticeable. My only concern with putting them under the drop boxes is that the thighs might not hang correctly and give you trouble while wearing them.
  9. So my ship date was 3 months because he was just starting to make them, I ended up getting it after 4 or so. I'm fairly certain I got the first one he completed if he is telling you 10 days to ship now.
  10. I'm sure everyone has warned you about Head Shot Props and their lack of timeliness. That being said, even though my helmet was late, it was in good shape and it came out great. Working with resin is easy, and I am pleased with their details.
  11. My armour is completed and approved as of 1 December 2019.
  12. It is finally complete! First troop will probably be 21 December with the Imperial Rough Rider Squad in Star Garrison. See you out there, fellow troopers!
  13. Requesting profile update R1 TK https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31624
  14. I got my approval email this morning!!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me along the way!! My childhood dream has finally come true!!
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