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  1. I'm sure everyone has warned you about Head Shot Props and their lack of timeliness. That being said, even though my helmet was late, it was in good shape and it came out great. Working with resin is easy, and I am pleased with their details.
  2. My armour is completed and approved as of 1 December 2019.
  3. It is finally complete! First troop will probably be 21 December with the Imperial Rough Rider Squad in Star Garrison. See you out there, fellow troopers!
  4. Requesting profile update R1 TK https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31624
  5. I got my approval email this morning!!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me along the way!! My childhood dream has finally come true!!
  6. Im sorry to hear that they did not work out for you. My helmet is from them and I went back and forth with them because it was delayed by a few weeks. I am pretty happy with my helmet, it just took way longer than I expected to get it.
  7. Unfortunately, the resin strips and the ABS plastic are not the exact same shade of white. I tried to match them at least 3 times and settled with the closest white I could find locally in a spray can. The helmet is the same way, and is the same colour as the cover strips, I don't think its that noticeable so I hope it won't be an issue.
  8. This will be a long post, as I was locked out of the forum this past week. This helmet gave me so much trouble, mostly because I forgot how much I hate painting. In any event, I attached the brow and realised afterwards that the CRL states that it should be a 1/4 inch above the eyes. I decided to keep pushing forward since taking it back off would have been a major pain. It's a shame as I was aiming to hit all of the level 3 certifications. After that I fought with painting for around a month with numerous coats before I painted on the details and got ready for the clear coat. However, when I put the clear coat, it reacted with the paint and caused it to bubble and distort and made a big mess. I thought about launching the helmet off the balcony but decided against it, and sanded it back down as best I could. I repainted it and took extra time for it to dry before putting clear coat on, and that helped but still left the helmet less than perfect up close. I also painted the interior black and put all of the electronics in and the lenses. I finished up the belt by using snaps and glue, and I'm pretty happy with how that came out. And finally today, I glued on the last of the grey squares on the helmet, so I donned the whole suit and took some pictures!! I think that it's ready to submit and I'm super excited to get approved and start trooping with all of you!
  9. Quick question for you on your build. How did you attach the thermal detonator to the back half of the belt? I am thinking about using rivets or velcro but I am curious how you did it.
  10. I figured it out guys!!! I was geting ready to take a shower and I thought about scoring the styrene and then drilling a bunch of holes in a line. The scoring helps to prevent the bit from jumping around, and then I just clean the channels with an Exacto knife. I also worked on sanding down the nose area on the helmet to give it the proper shape.
  11. You are correct, those areas are indeed recessed. Too lazy to take any pictures right now, but last weekend I tried to cut out the vents in the helemt itself. Things didn't go well and I have now patched the holes with Water Weld resin. I have to finish sanding down those areas so the styrene I bought will cover it nicely. These vents are turning into a major headache, I made a template and tried to use the dremel which caused the styrene to melt. So then I switched to a cordless drill and inevitably rushed and now it looks pretty bad. No big deal as I have a bunch of styrene to remake the trapezoid. At this point though, I am tempted to just paint on the black lines rather than try again. I just can't figure out a good way to cut out these vents without taking forever.
  12. So at this point, I have finished the majority of the work. First the thighs. The shin armour. I added some foam to help keep them in one spot on my leg, real happy with how these came out. I added some foam on the inside of the bicep pieces to help them sit right. They were digging into my sides originally. Finished up the forearms for the most part, they are tight on one end, but I don't like how they fit right now. I also trimmed down the ab section so that it doesn't show per the CRL. Started working on the thermal detonator, the paint I used took like 4 days to finally dry. And then there is the helmet.... So, this is the HSP helmet and I have mixed feelings right now. For the most part it looks pretty good, but in the second picture you can see that the slits were messed up so I will have to fix that. The brow has some pits in it as well that will have to be patched. What really bothers me is that the frown is a separate piece and I will have to try and grind down a bunch of material to get it to fit right. I'm really not sure why HSP didn't just mold that into the helmet as well, but oh well. With some patience it should turn out okay. And finally some shots suited up. Edit: I forgot to ask if anyone has a template or a guide for the slits on the helmet that have to be cut out. I am a little nervous about trying to guess about the spacing.
  13. Wow, this looks pretty good. I am having issues with the belt as well, it just doesn't line up properly.
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