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  1. While I far from disliked what we got, I'm waiting on the Directors Cut to make judgement. Concept art looked cool though.
  2. Welcome to the forums! Do you have pictures of what it looks like on your arm, to show how much overlapping the armor does? You could use some tape just to hold it together to show
  3. That will be a fun conversation to have with your GML / 501st Approval team. "Yeah, about that armor I got accepted/critiqued in? I don't have it anymore..."
  4. The hording of materials begins! My EndorFinder's gloves came in today and they're fantastic! Really great quality and fit great! Got the 37' in box at Home Depot on sale aswell! 20 dollars off.
  5. Best of luck with your project! That timescale is a rough one. Here I was thinking my goal of before July was too short.
  6. Welcome! It's great that a Troop inspired you to join! While there is no "100% certified, 100% of the time" list, there's a large list of vendors here that have a very long and positive history with members here. While, on internet terms, its odd to stay away from Ebay/Amazon/Official Sites and go with individual people, it is certainly the way to go, as-long as they're "approved" here. While you can go with "non-vetted" vendors, do make sure to do the research. The issue with Non-Vetted vendors, is that there's a more likely chance of there to be issues when you order. Feel free to ask questions, check MoSc0ut's comment for the link about the vendors. There are no bad questions!
  7. Owch. Unfortunate footing right into that divet. Another example to the 'Why the GE/FO Needs safety rails"
  8. How late was it? Your R1 thread was an inspiration for mine. Online the listing has a ship date within 10 days, and when asked, HSP's Joe said its accurate and in stock.
  9. Does Jimmoroqui / Jim Tripon have an email? As far as undersuit research, I found some posts on here that refereed Trooperbay / ExtremeRacing's 1-p body suit. Do you use a 2p or 1p undersuit? Brow. No idea Trooperbay had these! I'll definitely be purchasing the brow and neck seal! Thanks for that suggestion. May aswell just get everything on TB since its there. Mesh, Visor, Brow and Neck seal. Convenient! Balaclava... I'll certainly do trial and error, first starting with the thinner ones that operate more like a filming fullhead hairnet. As for technical work, no way I would assemble the full thing without proper sizing / testing! While I feel this would be common sense, I think there's a reason it was mentioned... Hopefully those who suffered before with this didn't have too hard of a fix up job.
  10. Perhaps it's a bit early to make this topic, though in my mind I feel its good to get things right... before the boxes come! A good use of time, since there's currently a snowstorm. Coming in.... R1 TK Hard Armor kit - ABS Plastic - 850 Armorworks - 2/11/20 Estimated ship R1 TK Helmet kit - Hybrid Urethene / Polyester Resin - Headshot Props - 2/4/20 Estimated ship (Yes I'm aware about them) E-11 prebuild - Aluminum, Resin, Plastic - QuestDesignCanada - 3/28/20 (will need "upgrades" for R1. D-Ring, Counter, Flashlight) R1 TK Gloves - Leather - Endorfinders - 1/24/20 Estimate Arrived 1/23/20! Helmet Lens Plastic -TrooperBay - 1/25/20 Estimate Arrived 1/25/20 Frown Mesh Wiremesh -TrooperBay - 1/25/20 Estimate Arrived 1/25/20 Helmet Brow Rubber -TrooperBay - 1/25/20 Estimate Arrived 1/25/20 Helm S Seal Rubber -TrooperBay - 1/25/20 Estimate Arrived 1/25/20 1P Undersuit Cotton/Lycra -ExtremeRacing - 2/1/20 Estimate On the Todo / Looking into / to Order list: R1 TK Gloves - Leather - Endorfinders Undersuit.... Any recommendations? Neck seal... Contacted GeekyPink with some Qs, their products look great. Balaclava... I own some winter balaclavas, though they're... for winter.... should this be tight fitting or loose? The one I have is tight and a bit thick. Knee Gaskets.. Depends on undersuit. R1 TK boots -Leather -Imperial Boots (Reminder set for 12am Feburary to make an order) TK Belt -Canvas -Imperial Issue [CRL States BELT SHALL BE MADE IN PLASTIC / 2 PART PLASTIC, included with 850 Armorwork kit.] Helmet Lens... Trooperbay or Amazon/Ebay for dark green face-shields lens. Harness... Possibly GeekyPink or just wear black suspenders. Paints - Full automotive Primers, Flat, Gloss, paints. (Local) Gonna touch base with my father on this, as he's a current Car Salesman, former Mechanic and Bodyshop worker. Strap/ Hookups.. Elastic straps with snap buttons Teeth mesh... Easy to find in local stores. Same goes for the Hovi Mix Tips (Hovi Tip Covers still needed) Brow trim... Rubber bar from local stores.. Anyone have reference on how much the brow protrudes? ABS plastic... Hoping to use the 'scrap' from the Armor kit for details like the Tube stripe blue indents. Aswell as re-enforcement if needed. If not, then Buying a sheet off of amazon. Most of the small stuff here, like glue and buying more clamps Travel container... Looking into it. Local Garrison suggests 50 gallon Husky 37 inch wheeled container. Purchased! Helmet lining... Home made using foam and leather Onboard mic... Possibly iComm from TK6294. Hide it underneath all the clothing / chestplate. Helmet AC... Something I plan to look into later. I've never really had an overheat issue with my head in previous costumes with thermal wear. (regular clothes + insulated bodysuit + biker pads). Concerning fogged up lens, usually id coat them with a AntiFog agent / Ceramic spray. Lasts a few hours, though temporary. M300A Mini Scout Light.... would this work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Element-Airsoft-M300A-Mini-Scout-Flashlight-Black-180-Lumens-EX-191-/141610520007 E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster... out of the price range Anything I'm missing? My workshop and dremel have been ready. Also worth noting I've been in contact with my local garrison, have been very welcoming and eager to help if needed! Goal: Complete before July 2020. 5 months of building. Acceptance into 501st eventually leading to Level 3.
  11. Weeew.... 8 months of wait time. Im amazed you were that patient. The model looks good though, can't say I've seen this much detail before. Hopefully sanding out the print lines wont kill your motivation! By the end of this, I have no doubt that you'll have an amazing looking DLT, and some huge muscular arms / hands with all the sanding haha
  12. Using the 'insert other media' you can enter a URL for a direct image link. The image needs to be hosted online beforehand. I personally recommend using Imgur.
  13. Look forward to seeing! Your helmet looks great and I have no doubt your DLT-19 will too.
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