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  1. I'd like to do the helmet first! Michigan had a ban on certain products issued due to COVID 19 so I have yet to obtain my paints and glosses to use. I want to start, but due to COVID I am out of a job, so I've been focusing my time on alternative income with my 3d works. I also am in contact with someone who might be able to 3d print my Phase 0 darktrooper armor I modelled out, so perhaps after this is all over..... I'll have two kits i have to build! haha
  2. With HeadShotProps, do not trust any date of shipping they give you. (From my experience) The product quality is sturdy and good, but my god, the shipping delays. I ordered a R1 TK helmet, It arrived on May 13th, 2020. I ordered it in January. The estimate was Feburary. When I asked about the helmet progress, it took around 1.5 weeks to get a response (which isn't horrible, people have lives outside this.). Every date I was told the helmet would ship was missed. Be it "2 weeks from now", "This weekend" or "on the 15th" for example. Oh, and then communication just stopped. In the end,
  3. "The time has come!" My Headshot Props R1 Bucket arrived today. I'm very satisfied with how it was packaged and molded, everything looks clean and in place. The work it needs is exactly as advertised. The last puzzle piece! On the right is the Hasbro Black Series TK helmet.
  4. QDC's E-11 Arrived in the mail today! Very nice quality and sturdiness to it! Literally the last thing I'm waiting on now is the Helmet.
  5. Since my last post, the armor is the last thing I'm waiting to come in. I ordered a bucket from HSP, and then the day after, asked if the helmets were in stock. Was told yes, and they would ship in 11 days... Its been longer than 11 days. Jan 14 ordered Jan 15 asked if the items in stock. Jan 16 "This item is in stock ro ship within 10 working days please let me know of we can help any further. Joe" Jan 29, asked for shipping info Jan 31, asked again for shipping info, the Etsy ship deadline was on Jan 28 (No response) Feb 8, (ask on facebook) I ask if the R1 TKs ar
  6. Can't wait to see your progress. Wheres the blaster from? You gonna convert it to a E-11 R1 or keep it OT? I ordered my armor from 850 aswell, so whenever it decides to come in, we could be 850 R1TK Build thread battle buddies haha
  7. Their website is up and currently taking new orders as usual. They have a detailed post on the website explaining the situation. Working time has been cut and shipping delays are to be expected.
  8. Welcome to the forums. If you want to be an ANH TK, you would need to purchase a armor kit for 501st approval.
  9. So there's that. I'm unsure if you can actually purchase anything at the moment. I just tried. All the payment options via Paypal (the only option) gives a fatal error. Will try again tomorrow. Paypal isn't down, as I just made an order for my gasket earlier in the day. Sent an email to Vincent about it. FML the damn site just billed me three times over. Fixed. If you get an error on the site, just give it 15 minutes. Paypal is being slow.
  10. I would say yes, as that's what I'm using for my R1 TK
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