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  1. Hey thats awesome. Looking forward to see your files. [emoji106]
  2. Thanks for that honor. I wouldn’t have finished the helmet if i didn't have got the good replay and help in the forum so its just a small gesture to give the files back to the community.
  3. This looks so awesome iam always thrilled when i see you made a new post
  4. Hey Kyle really nice work you do there. Iam currently printing my tfa helmet bit this should be finished soon i can give it a go if you like. can you send me the blender files? I would like to set the cuts in blender.
  5. Hey Kyle, awesome work there. Would like to print it if you make the files available at the end. If you need some help while modeling feel free to ask im not a pro but learned some things modeling my TFA helmet.
  6. Hey Chris what happend to your fils. Wanted to download them but couldnt find them anymore on Thingiverse.
  7. That model looks awesome. You can post your model in the 3d file Depository.
  8. Looks really nice i just started my print as well. Did you do any editing in the size?
  9. Hi, it’s been some time now but i wanted to give you a quick heads up. I finished printing and painting the helmet for the premiere of ROS. And since one Project isn’t enough i maid a TLJ Stromtrooper helmet for my brother. But i also continued working on the ANH armor end even started a TLJ armor build. I will start some building threads to show my progress. I wanted to thank you for your first replays i got some inspiration out of it. Following are some pictures of my progress and the premiere
  10. To give you some pictures of the progress this is what it looks at the moment. I made a 3d scan of me to fit the pieces to my sice. Thanks for the tipp. Im already using the pictures and trying to find some more tips from the coments in the pre aproval sub.
  11. Hi there, iam new in the community but already into a big project. I already finished a 3d printed Helmet https://www.thingiverse.com/make:380955 Now im trying to make a 3d printable NHA armor. I already startet modeling with the basic of a swbf2 model. Where is the best place to post this toppic to keep you posted on the progres and hopefuly get a lot of awnsers for my many questions. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3064175 Thanks Keeper of the BOX
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