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Looking for accurate STL files (3d print) for First Order armour?

One Jolly Eye

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Hi All!

I'm looking to print a full TFA First Order TK in ABS and use acetone vapor smoothing to get rid of layer lines. I will use sanding where acetone vapor method is not viable. How ever, I have yet to find a good source (free or paid) of acurate files. Here listed are a few options, but cannot get any info if they are accurate enough. 
If you know a good source for High-Resolution and accurate files, please let me know. 

1. Do3d offer these files.

2. CGT trader has this (option 1) and this (option 2)
3. Thingverse has this (option 1) and this (option 2) offer
4. Etsy has this (may be low resolution)
5. Dristen has a wonderful post on therpf.com (and has posted on whitearmor.net forms as well, but never released the files). 


Really, that's all i could find with no mention of accuracy. 
I would love any input you have to offer. 




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I know a guy with a set of files that I believe is as accurate as you could get, but we are yet to convince him to offer them up for sale.

He is legion approved in his printed costume, but this is all the information I can give you at this stage.

If this changes in the future I will be sure to promote the fact they are available for purchase.

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The second CG trader are the ones I’m using for mine.

The designer has gone back and made changes when asked to by troopers.

There are still some slight issues, as there are with all 3d files - parts overlapping that need looking at - and the TD/Cod are not perfect for TLJ

The lid is reasonable but I’ve not managed to get mine together due the aforementioned over lap issues.

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