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  1. Robert! Welcome to the white space for space white! lol. If i might suggest, if you have not already, start a build thread (WIP) over in that area of the forum and ask questions all you can there. sometimes these "Welcome" Sections get neglected as we are trying to keep up with helping members in the WIP side of things. Definitely in the right place for help. we look forward to your progress!

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  2. On 12/30/2022 at 4:35 PM, Teach- said:

    Hello, everyone. Who I am and what brought me to the FISD: I have a ROTK kit I bought pre-pandemic from 850 Armor Works. My original intent was to hang out and support my FIRST Robotics Team at their events (I’m the Principal of a high school). The team is Red Storm 509 and their mascot is a stormtrooper. Once I had the kit, I started looking here on the FISD and found an entire galaxy of enthusiasts! Meanwhile, being in education during the pandemic was a whole new ballgame and the kit was reboxed and put away. Now that my life is back to normal, I’m going to start the build so I figured I’d better join the FISD.

    Welcome! Let me be one to tell you as i know you dont hear it enough, we appreciate you for what you do! I am a SBLE Police Officer and the school admin take it on the chin every single day. Star Wars is definitely my get away from all the BS that surrounds the education life, Those kids are definitely the push that helps us through the day, but man can those parents be something else. Anyways, Welcome to the incredible journey that is armor building. You are definitely in good hands here. If you have any questions, any at all, please dont be hesitant.   

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  3. Welcome Adam and on behalf of every TK you have ever helped suit up, we thank you! my first TK was built with the specific intent of being able to dress myself, but boy is it amazing to have a person there to assist. I really hope you decide to jump into this, but be careful, its addicting lol. You got this bud and are in great hands. if you have any questions or concerns, comments or complaints, you came to the right place. let us help you know, and get you suited up!

  4. Welcome Alan! If i might, the updates you are posting are absolutely perfect and boy do we love to see this stuff. Might i suggest, move these over to a WIP (work in progress) thread and continue to post there. that way you will one day be able to go back and look at where you started, and may undertake the building of your next kit, and can use these as reference pics. Either way, welcome to the FISD and we look forward to you joining us.

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  5. Welcome Terry! I am just now placing my order for another TK and am gonna travel this road with you with AMs new 5.0 armor. i built the 2.0 and it was amazing so can only imagine whats coming. Cant wait to see you get your approval and added to the ranks here. Good luck and as stated, if you havent already, start your build thread. put things you already have bought or are planning to buy. track and log all your info as to be able to go back later and laugh at yourself lol (ive done it). but most of all, and this is so very important, have fun sir. I love you said you want to make kids smile, because that is what this is all about. you got this man and you have an amazing group surrounding you here. dont be afraid to ask.

  6. 9 hours ago, Catwmn said:


    it took me a while to get here. I finally made it :)


    this is year is my 10th anniversary with the 501st. I look forward to getting to know everyone,




    Welcome, Be sure to start your own post introducing yourself and telling us what you have been up to. also be sure to request 501st Access to the Forum. Tons of fun await you!

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