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  1. Location: Seattle WA Event: Seattle Mariners Star Wars Night Date: 06-17-2022 Garrison: Titan Having Mariners night back is always great. Had good turnout in fans and troopers! Was one of the first troops I did as Vader back in 2018, and got to go on the field then. As a TK this time around, was called back out on the field! We had the amazing Josh Beckett and his Chewbacca with us. He got to meet the Book of Boba Fett Black Krrsantan actor on the field as well. That guy was pretty tall in person! Brought the DLT-17 this time, so I'm on the left of Chewy. Little Rey's throw was pretty good. Straight and almost made it to the catcher. Group photo, I'm way in the back. Had a great variety of characters this year!
  2. Location: Seattle WA Event: March of Dimes March for Babies Date: 05-14-2022 Garrison: Titan When the troop is right in your neighborhood it's really hard to turn it down, no matter how bad the weather is. Seattle this year seems to have only 3 seasons, Winter, Summer and Fall. Had some soaking and cold rain early in the morning, so attendance was dampened a bit, but still had a lot of families that have been impacted by illness show up. People that did make it were a lot of fun, but some of the stories were pretty rough to hear. Got a picture with "Darth Vader". First troop with some Mud Troopers which was pretty neat. Very detailed builds.
  3. Location: Kirkland WA Event: May the 4th at the Urban Center Date: 05-04-2022 Garrison: Titan The ubiquitous May the 4th event. This time at the Kirkland Urban Center with a huge donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Was a neat outdoor shopping area that is next to some Google Offices in downtown Kirkland. They had booths, and a Laser show after the sun went down. Plenty of families in their own costumes and Star Wars clothing running around. Was a pretty neat event as the light sabers really added some cool light effects on top of the laser show. Tried to keep the boss safe, but then his son showed up.
  4. Location: Seattle WA Event: Walk for MS Date: 04-24-2022 Garrison: Titan Spring time, and did the first big outdoor event of the year. Could not have asked for better weather! Was the annual Walk for MS, at Gasworks Park in Seattle. Had a pretty good crowd for the first event since COVID restrictions were lifted. Was a lot of fun cheering on people walking for MS and bringing smiles to faces.
  5. Thanks! Armor Master is great stuff. Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  6. Location: Seattle WA Event: Ryther Marathon of Hope Date: 10-16-2021 Garrison: Titan Was a charity for mental health in children, which during COVID is very important. The event was at Greenlake Seattle which is right by my house, so that was nice! We basically collected around the finish line of the marathon and cheered the runners as they finished. Since the Community Center was closed to the public due to the virus, had to suit up in the field, which was a bit harder since there were no chairs or tables we could use to put stuff on. Overall was a lot of fun, but sure wish this pandemic thing would get itself over soon!
  7. 43, too young. Rest in Piece. Buckets off. Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  8. POST 66 2019 Woodland Park Zoo Lights Seattle, WA Garrison Titan Fire Team Orca 1. 2019 Buddy Walk for Downs Syndrome Seattle, WA Garrison Titan Fire Team Orca 2. 2020 Everett Silvertips Star Wars Night Everett, WA Garrison Titan Fire Team Orca 3. 2021 Washington Summer Con Puyallup, WA Garrison Titan Fire Team Orca 4. 2021 Washington State Summer Con Again Puyallup WA Garrison Titan Fire Team Orca 5.
  9. TK 91973 reporting 12 completed Troops. Requesting the 10 troop Field Exercise Award. Out.
  10. Location: Puyallup WA Event: Washington State Summer Con Again! Date: 08-08-2021 Garrison: Titan Wasn't planning on attending this Part Deux of Summer Con, but was a lot of chatter about getting TKs for Sunday so I went ahead and signed up. Was the debut of our full size T-47 Snow Speeder! It looks amazing even if it's not fully finished. Our Prop Master Greg Smith really makes incredible stuff. Also our Garrison has the CRL for Moff Gideon! Shaye really nailed it, and he had a very good reason to debut it at this event. I was sporting a DLT-19 on the second to the right, to stand out a bit. First time there's been this many TKs together in a long time. Moff Gideon, Giancarlo Esposito, was there on Sunday! We got to escort him out to the stage for his presentation and question session! Giancarlo was VERY gracious with his time and autograph. He was having a blast and seemed very nice. Glad I went ahead and signed up! But going to add some insoles to my TK boots, standing still on concrete floors for a hour and half was BRUTAL. \ And our Snow Speeder with Gus Fring!
  11. Location: Puyallup WA Event: Washington State Summer Con Date: 06-20-2021 Garrison: Titan It's been a while! Well Washington's opening up finally and Summer Con was on! We had a scaled back display, but still was a great crowd and had a chance to meet Timothy Zhan and got some books signed! Had COVID 10lbs, but the suit still fit. Time to go burn that 10lbs off!!
  12. Been a couple years, but Trooped with my TK recently. Charged up the iCOMM system and a inital test seemed fine. But after about 5 minutes, with it on voice activate, the iCOMM red light comes on and the speakers just start clicking repeatedly. I think it might be the iCOMM tl-2450 3.6v battery dying. Looks pretty easy to replace. Am I on the right track? Sent from my SM-G986U1 using Tapatalk
  13. E11 should it be gloss, semi gloss or flat black? Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Got the Field Marshal kit and looking to start painting before the BlastFX electronics show up. However, have zero experience painting Aluminum so is there a recommended primer and paint I should use? Will be painting parts before assembly, so don't want something that'll be too thick and create issues. Thanks!
  15. Location: Seattle WA Event: May 4th Outdoor COVID Troop Date: 05-04-2020 Garrison: Titan  With COVID19 all troops have been cancelled for the rest of the year basically. Might be some in the fall, but at this point I really doubt it. For May 4th, a group decided to do a outdoor walk to help raise people's spirits a bit. We'd picked the Green Lake part in Seattle to do a 'walk about' in costume. It was a bit of a trip, because prior to the walk we'd scheduled as a Garrison I saw a solo Star Wars fan doing their own! Was at a Starbucks getting coffee far in advance of the scheduled walk, and saw a full on TK with a Imperial Cog flag going out into the park! Most likely was just a fan with a full TK suit, kind of wish I'd run by and talked to them. But got a little freaked out that the walk was starting early so rushed home and suited up without talking to them. Living close enough to the park, just suited up at home (really nice), and walked down to the park. Was fun seeing people waving and kids reacting as I walked through the neighborhood. Got to the park and asked the others about the early TK, and no one knew who it was, so guess it really was just a 'super fan'. The Jedi of course believes the force is with him, so didn't need PPE. Got about 3 miles of walking in TK armor this time and found out where all the rubbing points were around the back of my legs. Had some nasty armor burns, so did some more trimming and adjusting so that won't happen again. Usually don't walk that far in kit, so never had that problem before.
  16. Location: Mercer Island WA Event: Cub Scouts Master Rotation Date: 02-27-2020 Garrison: Titan  Quick TK Troop at a Boy Scouts Event where their Scout Master was rotating out. Was a lot of fun and got a great crowd reaction when we four TKs and a Mandilorian ran out and arrested the old Scout Master and led him away. My eyes closed ever picture for some reason.
  17. Location: Everett WA Event: Silvertips Hockey Game Star Wars Night Date: 02-22-2020 Garrison: Titan  A medium sized sporting event in my hometown where I grew up. Was a ton of fun, missed last year due to a huge ice storm, this year was much nicer weather. Had a really good turnout for Titan Garrison members! Almost 30 people I believe. I'm tallest TK. Snow Troopers are VERY tall. Didn't ride the Zamboni, but got to go meet tons of people in the crowd later with the other TKs and Jawas. No major equipment breaks, but did get a crack in my right knee ammo pack. How's that happen? No biggie as it looks like Trooperbay sells those individually. Was able to patch the back of the ammo pack with a bit of ABS and E6000 to keep the crack running, but will need to keep a eye on it. Fun giving the local law enforcement a hard time. They have restrictions as people here believe they have rights. But under Imperial Law, we have no such restrictions! [emoji6]
  18. Location: Tacoma WA Event: Jet City Comic Con Date: 10-27-2019 Garrison: Titan  This is a smaller con that happens down in the City of Tacoma. Sometimes the smaller cons are more fun since they aren't a madhouse of people like the larger ones. We had a Photo Booth, Blast-a-Trooper and Props setup. I'm on the left. Empire captured some pirate that day. Kamino Cloners started making miniatures I guess. Passed GO, and collected 200 Dollars.
  19. Location: Seattle WA - Woodland Park Zoo Event: Downs Syndrome Buddy Walk Date: 10-06-2019 Garrison: Titan  Buddy walk is always fun. Last year went as Vader, which was fun, but I think I was avoided quite a bit since I was 'scary'. TKs looked like they were having much more fun, so decided to do TK this year. Was a good decision! We had a really large turnout this year, which overloaded our roster list! A great problem to have. Made a lot of new buddies. Hard to see down, but you make due.
  20. Great job! Took your time and got it right. [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  21. Sharp Brian! Good luck! Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  22. Congrats on EIB. Great job! Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  23. Nice work dude! Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  24. Man, don't know how I missed your thread. Congrats on doing a AM build! Nice to have another AM kit in Garrison Titan.
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