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  1. Take your time and most of all....have fun!
  2. Requesting 501st Stormtrooper access: TK-61564 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29396
  3. Name: Ron Brown Future Garrison: SCG Los Angeles Armor Maker: Armor Masters (AM) Helmet Maker: Armor Masters Cloth Belt Maker: Trooperbay Neck seal: Trooperbay Boot Maker: TK Boots Blaster Maker: Praetorian Blaster Height: 5' 8" Weight: 230 TK Type: ANH Stunt Mentor: Russell Rucker (russellr2d2) Others: Ethan Stiffelmann, Brian Hazzlrigg, Justin Reed, Brent Rudmann
  4. As I understand it, there should be little to no gap between the back and the kidney. I am having a bit of an issue how to get there with the AM 2.0 armor. The back does not have a straight edge and causes a gap.
  5. Biceps needed a Hot Water bath to make it fit my arm. Used an old paint can to help keep the shape. Yes, Im a hoarder, I hold on to everything. You never know when you might use it. Thus the old paint can used for something!
  6. Working on Helmet. Sorry it wont allow me to upload any more pics. Got the Helmet put together, painted teeth, stickers on, brow in place and ears installed.
  7. Need some help identifying what side goes up in the kidney piece. I'm guessing it's the right side in this picture. Was told that the left side in this pic is the top.
  8. I've done some filing to the teeth to square them a hit. How's it look?
  9. Decided to start with the helmet. (Posted yesterday to the wrong forum). The feedback I got was that the teeth needed to be a bit more square.
  10. This is my first build. May the force be with me! Goal is to build ANH TK Stunt Centurion Armor from AM Newbie =Yep Excited = Hell Yeah! Worried I Might Srew Up = Yes, of course. Box opening and unpacking (posted these in the wrong forum the other day)
  11. Thank you Colin. Wish I could take credit for the eyes but my armor (AM Armor) came trimmed except for the teeth.
  12. So it's begins..... first a question, where do I go to start a build thread? So for now, I'm working on the helmet (ANH Stunt shooting for Centurion). I've attached several pictures and need to know if I'm ok. The decals are a pain in the butt! Do they look ok or should I replace them? Then I wanted to know of the "teeth look correct? All help comments and suggestions are welcome thanks Ron
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