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  1. Thanks for the (fast) help and advice so far! I asked 850 Armory for a Blaster kit. Is a 3D printed enough or better 100$more for a resin kit? "We can produce a solid resin cast F11 kit at $200. We can 3D print one at $100."
  2. Saw it too and wasn't sure to contact her, but give it a try
  3. I've send an Email already and waiting...
  4. Yeah saw this already, but didn't had enough time so far to dig in. Will spend a closer look the next days. Thanks so far good night
  5. Hello there! I've been looking around the forums for a while now and finally say "Hello". I'm 30 years old, form Germany and trying to figure out what to do, to achieve my goal . I would love to make a TLJ stormtrooper, but don't have any experience to do so. So many shops to choose from and pros/cons for each one of them. After some research I decided to order: Armor kit from KBprops Boots and gloves from IB Undersuit and Neck-seal from stormtrooperundersuit Missing (found no shop so far): Gaskets Belt F-11D Blaster Still looking and researching how to get a proper FO-TK and happy for any advice and tips greetings, Ian
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