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  1. After another Testfit there is still some work to be done on mobility. I was able to dress myself, but the helmet and pauldron are still very tricky. The upper arms slipped while wearing and still need to be properly attached. The plan is to shorten the soft parts so that the Velcro holds better In order to be able to walk stairs / steps better, I still have to cut a little on my right thigh. The belt boxes still need to be positioned correctly and then the layers of the belt are glued together Just see in the pictures that the pauldron is hanging a bit. Is this ok? otherwise I would compensate that with foam on the underside
  2. Not much happens this weekend. I received the belt boxes from Dan and shortened the TD. It looks a lot better. last time it was very long The original (KB) compared with the one from Dan ... and sand again next time. Next, get the belt ready and then try everything on again to see how it looks.
  3. I cut the top opening and further processed the interior so that the pipe fits better. I closed the end with a scrap of ABS and is about 4 cm long / 1.57 inch I'm still waiting for the belt boxes, they should arrive at the end of next week. Next time I will try everything on and then paint it (if there are no comments or suggestions for improvement). Thank you again for your feedback!
  4. Is the bottom/end of the TD also cut out? Just cut off the cap and front.
  5. I'm in contact with the local squad and have adjusted the thighs, the belt pouches and started working on the TD. ... and the "suitcase" for the blasters is ready. The gray pipe is a sewer pipe which I cut open to reduce the radius. The next step is to cut and bevel the gap
  6. The two holes are for the shoulder bells, but dont know if I cut on the line and fix them with snaps AB with boxes Biceps shoulder bells I marked where the pauldron would sit Shins front side back Cod is TFA and not the TLJ, will change it later Spats TD TD hoked on the back and fixed with magnets Forearms SE-44C (add red detail later) I hope you can see everything in the pictures.
  7. Google Drive Pics I have now first photographed all the parts that I have worked on. Next time I'll put it on again and add photos. With the Cod it is for TFA and not TLJ (a new one will be obtained later) and I am still trying to fix the shoulder bells properly. The red detail is added later on the SC-44E Are there any comments / suggestions as to what I still need to revise?
  8. I finished the shins (inner side) With the shin on the right, I need advice on the two boxes. When I open the shin, a crack appears which is no longer visible when I close it. But since it is being painted, it will break again. But it has to be seamless. How can I fill the gap without it breaking when opening? Filled the little holes/bubbles The TD will held in place with two magnets. After widening the abdomen, I adjusted the TD and sanded the AB boxes again Most of the time wasted gluing the magnet back on and letting the filler dry. I sanded the holster so that it fits better and lengthened the back so that the chest fits better. The chest / back has to be revised and somehow the pauldron still has to be attached. Work my way up from the bottom up again ...
  9. So I took some pictures to check with you if its alright or need more improvements. And had to expand the abdomen and hope it looks more symetrical after the glue is dry. right thight with un mounted holster from Dan. (does it have to be seamless?) left thight Left and right shin left and right forearm there is a 1 cm gap at the end of the rail, it seems a bit short in my opinion or does it have to look like this? The boxes are held in place by two plastic screws, just like the ab boxes I've got in touch with a lokal car painter and probably they will do the paintjob. Before the painting, is it better to install all clips and the rails (forearm) first or paint them separately like the box on the forearms? Next issue is the Abdomen with chest and the shoulderbell and bizeps connection, but one by one ...
  10. Thanks, it is my first (ever) build and hope its correct and helpful. So, I had some time again and could continue to work. I puttied the left shin. With the upper body I tried to achieve more mobility and to optimize the overall appearance. The chest and back are fairly tight and chafe as you move. I attached some foam from the inside (temporarily) to prevent this. The TD will be glued on and then the seams filled (grammar?) The belt boxes are cut to size and (in my opinion) finished so far. Maybe adjust a bit? A lot of time was spent filling and sanding...
  11. Thats what I meant with "...connect the cod and the backplate with a black rubber...". I wrote and translated it weird Ok thank you, will give it a try.
  12. Finally I'm back... I was able to "save" the shin and have to continue filling and sanding. I had saome ABS scraps to backing the hole and filled with bondo Getting dressed is really an art in itself and it's not really comfy yet. I can't put the helmet on myself and my arms get something abvoe my chest that I can only adopt the typical C3PO posture The biceps are still hanging too low and the shoulderbell caught under them. I have to shorten the thighs because they hit the cod and I think they should sit higher. The TD is not correctly centered , so has to check the bracket again. I want to connect the cod and the backplate with a black rubber so that they don't stick out. Seems farther from the target than originally thought. Little baby steps, but at least steps at all and it's still exciting and entertaining to build and find solutions!
  13. Today, for the first time, I wore everything at the same time. I noticed that it still has to be reworked in some places for freedom of movement (can't take off the helmet on my own). Then a misfortune happened when I tried to attach the boxes to the left shin ... For whatever reason it broke right there where I spread the ABS paste between the box and the shin (suddenly seemed brittle). Hasn't happened to me before with the ABS paste and I can't explain it to myself. Now I have to save it somehow or, in the worst case, look for a replacement... Then I prepared the boxes for the abdomen and have to gain some distance. I'm a little upset that it happened and have to get over it, before something goes wrong because of the mood.
  14. I have adjusted the spats as far as possible, fine tuning is still missing, so that the upper edge is straight. At first I only put on the boxes from the left Shin for optics. since they should lie on seamlessly, they still have to be sanded a little. To attach the holster I made a construction of ABS scraps and Chicago screws ... will follow in the next post with further progress. At this point, thank you very much for your feedback! I appreciate it very much
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