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  1. Just FYI, 850armorworks does make a resin cast r1tk helmet. The r1tk armor is vac formed as well.
  2. Here is my profile... https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=896&costumeID=94
  3. Has anyone found a frame lately. Ive looked high and low and nothing...also need the rod. Shoot me an email if you have. Kevin
  4. Twelveravens, glad you liked the armor build. We here at 850 like to see people happy. We love the feedback, totally understand the belt issue. Ken Morse built his into a mimban.. we built one the other day for a client..i have some pics i can post once i figure out how to. If anyone else is interested we have them available on website. We have nine 9 going out and will be starting a collection on a new run in a few weeks if anyone is interested. Minimum of 6-8 weeks turn around once plastic is here and formed. (Times subject to change). UPDATE: Next people to ship out are as follows. Nils from germany Brad from Houston Shara from Cupertino Shawn from canyon country Tom from Belgium Thanks for your continued support. Feel free to email us. 850armorworks@gmail.com
  5. We are building the first pulls to see how things look.
  6. Hi Jeff have you seen the current build...
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