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  1. Good luck Tara, but I don't think you'll need it - I know how much work you guys put into it
  2. Paul Wilde TK-22610 EIB Letter Andrew Thank you My pleasure, Andrew! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22610-eib.png
  3. Awesome! Thanks to all involved for getting this going again
  4. This is a bit worrisome Brian How long have you had your armour/how many troops?
  5. Let me know if you do, there's a few looking to get some - myself included.
  6. Most people get them sent to a mailing service at the border, then drive over and pick them up.
  7. Shoot me a PM with any questions you have Blair, happy to help.
  8. Definitely go USB for the fans Henry, I got a 20,000mAh battery pack from amazon - after about 6 hours of continuous use trooping powering 2 fans, it's still about 70% capacity. Remind me to show it to you at the next troop so you can see if it or something similar will fit comfortably in your bucket.
  9. I can see yours just fine mate, may have been a temporary glitch?
  10. Do you sell these Joseph? I just got a shiny new Subaru in TK white that's in dire need of some decoration
  11. Have you seen Cricket's thread Mel? http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38416-crickets-rs-stunt-build-for-the-vertically-challenged/
  12. I've adjusted the strapping to bring in the shoulder bells as requested, I also added the bicep hooks as suggested by Addertime. Paint on the cod also removed. Thanks for all the tips and helpful suggestions getting me there
  13. BritBulldog

    Swag Toss

    I've heard it's quite good, should I go see it?
  14. I've made some modifications and updated the main post photos accordingly. Still have an issue with the biceps dipping, working on fabricating some hooks to fix that.
  15. Thanks for your constructive criticism Michael, it's genuinely appreciated. The kidneys aren't actually as bad as that picture seems, my photographer and I loosened the belt to make some adjustments and then forgot to re-tighten it. It usually looks like this (photo taken for my original legion application). Your other comments still stand however. I think the spacing can be made more even on the vambraces and thighs with foam as you suggested - I'm going to try that at least before I start pulling everything apart. I'll definitely add the stirrups too. The seams on the shins are down to the "bra strap" attachments being used - I'm having a devil of a time getting them to stay lined up, particularly on the right side, and they've been driving me nuts - I think in this case I'm going to have to sacrifice some screen accuracy and replace with velcro. Not sure what I'm going to do about the biceps yet, will have to do some experimenting - and I'll definitely research the hook method suggested. Will make adjustments and hopefully take some more photos at the weekend. Cheers - Paul
  16. They're pretty straight forward, elastic loops attached to the wire arms screwed on to the armour. Let me know if you need any close up photos.
  17. Basic Information Name: Paul Wilde 501st ID: TK-22610 FISD: BritBulldog Garrison: Canadian Garrison Mandatory Information Armour Maker: RS Prop Masters Helmet Maker: RS Prop Masters Blaster Maker: RS Prop Masters Optional Information Height: 5'10" Weight: 160lb Boots: RS Prop Masters Canvas Belt: RS Prop Masters Hand Plates: RS Prop Masters Electronics: UKSWrath (fans), Skyminer (external audio), TRamp (amp) Neck Seal: RS Prop Masters Holster: RS Prop Masters Photos Full Body Front - Arms at side Back - Arms at side Left - Arm raised Right - Arm raised Right Side Detail Left Side Detail Armour Details Abdomen Details Action Shot Cod and Butt Plate Attachment Interior Strapping Helmet Details Front Sides Back Hovi Tip Detail Lens Colour Blaster Details Left Right Accessory Details Neck Seal Thermal Detonator Holster Attachment Bucket off - Cheers! Thanks for the consideration, please let me know if anything needs adjusting or more detail needed anywhere Edit: Updated body photos.
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